‘Kill Someone’ film promises to blow your mind, gets nod from TruTV celeb

Tom Siedle plays Robert Partridge in film 'I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday'
Tom Siedle is cast as Robert Partridge in the film ‘I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday.’ (Photo from film Facebook pages)

I think it was the creepy trailer that first intrigued me about the film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday. Then there was the Big Brother factor. Every time I wrote about the film I imagined an algorithm flagging me because of the title, specifically, the “I” in the title.

As the premiere date nears, an exchange with one of the film’s producers led me to ponder a question. Will this film blow your mind? 

In some ways, there’s already a little part of that film living in my head for various reasons. The main reason is the protagonist Robert Partridge. When I saw a still shot of Thomas Siedle who plays Partridge in the film, I realized how perfect the casting was. The still shot alone gave me the creeps.

I’m not the only one to take note. Area media are covering the film, and so are celebs outside our area. James Murray, who stars in Impractical Jokers (TruTV) did a video nod to the film, a move that put the film in front of more than 3 million fans on the show’s Facebook page. You can see the video on the I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday page on Facebook.

You can tune into a couple interviews coming up. WJCT will do a segment on the show First Coast Connect, and on Saturday, Aug. 4, News4Jax will air an interview. You can keep up with media happenings on the film’s Facebook events page.

In a back and forth with producer David Petlansky, he made it clear the filmmakers aim for a visceral reaction from the audience:

“It is true that from preproduction, into production, and especially in post production, great and subtle measures have been taken at every corner to manipulate the psyche of the viewer…All these efforts carefully taken to put the viewer in the mind of our lead character, a psychopath. So the potential viewer should be warned about the shoes we are forcing them into upon entering the screening to willingly watch the film.”

The lead character, Robert Partridge, looks so normal. Like the infamous Ted Bundy, Partridge is anything but normal. Pulling off that contrast is no small feat.

Creating some dramatic attention for the film, actress Faneal Godbold who plays Det. Iago, brings both real life law enforcement experience and acting creds to the production. I smiled to myself when I saw the name of her character—Iago. Nothing like a Shakespearean tragic motif to get things going when murder and the darkness in a human soul are in play.

To get tickets for the August premiere, visit the Facebook page for more info. You may also purchase tickets for the premiere at Eventbrite.

This new film is yet another manifestation of the incredible arts community in the city of Jacksonville. Ironically that community is one of our best kept secrets.

Personally speaking, I am really looking forward to learning more about Mr. Partridge and meditating on how a seemingly normal person can simultaneously be a psycho.

Durden Godfrey’s film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday promises a mind-blowing experience, and a film can’t do anything greater than that.

Finally, I guess I should briefly explain why I was so sensitive every time I typed the title of that film. In years past, major federal agencies tracked me, and they made sure I knew it. That was one factor of several that inclined me to be sensitive about what I write when it comes to the Internet. Big Brother is real and he isn’t very lovable.

(Kay B. Day/July 27, 2018)

Ed. Note: No financial benefits or perks are derived by Indie Art South from helping publicize this film.

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