Cody Wolfe dustup indicates gatekeepers not interested in finding new talent

~~Update July 31, 2018: We will expand this story with new information, and the update will be published by Monday, August 6.~~ See the 8/6 update: Flip side to the dustup between Cody Wolfe and Cat Country A Tweet by rising country star Cody Wolfe revealed something many of us already knew. Gatekeepers at radio stations aren’t very interested in finding new talent. Wolfe published an account of remarks allegedly made by program/music director Joe Kelly with radio station WPUR 107.3 in Northfield, New Jersey. In those remarks, the director also allegedly dissed Luke Bryan. While the dustup is the

Music did the talking and boosted Paradise Outlaw to big win

Paradise Outlaw guitarist Kevin Langeland said in an email interview for an earlier column that his band lets their music do the talking. That approach paid off big time when the band won the coveted B93 Battle to the Bash celebration in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band’s music got radio play as a result of that win, and the exposure was no small feat. B93 (WBCT) is the most powerful radio station in North America. Where does the band go from here? 

‘Kill Someone’ film promises to blow your mind, gets nod from TruTV celeb

I think it was the creepy trailer that first intrigued me about the film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday. Then there was the Big Brother factor. Every time I wrote about the film I imagined an algorithm flagging me because of the title, specifically, the “I” in the title. As the premiere date nears, an exchange with one of the film’s producers led me to ponder a question. Will this film blow your mind? 

‘Deadwood’ fans rejoice—HBO says jig is back on

If you were addicted to the HBO series Deadwood, welcome to the club. If you were left hanging and disappointed when the series stopped without closure after three seasons, welcome to that club too. News is breaking that should cause us to rejoice. The Deadwood jig is not up. It’s back on, but not all our wishes are being granted. 

Fans bemoan country music icon’s closing of San Antonio Rose Palace

Country music icon George Strait, who famously conducted his “Cowboy Rides Away Tour” four years ago, is now riding away from a popular equestrian center and landmark, the San Antonio Rose Palace. Fans expressed sadness about the closure on the Facebook page, with many hoping whoever buys the arena will continue to use it for cowboy/Western themed events. The message posted by staff at the Palace suggested the sale came as a surprise. 

New social network aims for privacy, dismisses Facebook ad model

Recently Openbook announced a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling on a new social network that, if successful, could be an alternative to Facebook. Openbook is not aiming for the ad revenue model other social media and the dominant search engine on the Web comprise because of privacy concerns. 

Late to the table on Burns’ Vietnam epic, but surprised by the politics

I’m late to the table when it comes to Ken Burns’ epic film series The Vietnam War. I hesitated to watch it for several reasons. First among them: politics. I lived through that era, and although I was young, my uncle, who was like a brother, served three tours. Another boy I’d gone to school with for years lost his life in that war. I wasn’t in the mood for negativity towards those who were required to serve. 

MusicLinkUp makes me dizzy—in a good way

I have to say MusicLinkUp is a gold mine of information. I’d received notifications for several days, but because of a ridiculously busy schedule, I hadn’t had time to stroll around the site and see what’s happening. I took that time this morning, and frankly, the site made me dizzy. In a good way. 

Jamey Johnson stood in line to get Willie to sign his guitar

Jamey Johnson bought his famous guitar “Ole Maple” shortly after he finished boot camp in the US Marine Corps at Parris Island (SC). Johnson said he walked into Bailey Brothers in Montgomery (AL) in 1995, and he said he played every guitar on the wall before making up his mind. Johnson’s guitar is famous among his fans, but what many of us didn’t know is what he did to get Willie Nelson to autograph it. 

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