One critical protection for musicians and attendees at outdoor concerts


It was a classic yin and yang moment. We were standing in a park along with hundreds of others here in Florida. We’d come to hear music, grab a bite from one of the food trucks, and socialize. My husband walked over to me and asked, “You got any of those wipes you always carry in that thing?” 

I've personally used these wipes, and they work. (snip:
I’ve personally used these bug repellent wipes, and they work. (snip:

That “thing” is my purse, an accessory he always describes as the “black hole that swallows everything she puts in it.” It can sometimes be a challenge to fish something out of all the supplies I carry, but that day I found what I was looking for fast.

Why? Because the gnats and bugs were relentless. There’d been a lot of rain in days before the concert, and the bugs were having a big celebration with us as their feast.

The wipes he was asking after are made by Avon. I buy some every year because you can get them in individual packets and one wipe will usually suffice for several hours. I don’t just keep them in my purse. I keep them in my gardening bench out back so they’re handy when I’m about to do yard work.

Be aware I don’t get a dime from Avon for praising their product. It’s just that I’ve used this enough to know it works. I’m sure there are other similar products out there by different manufacturers. We like this product so much we included a sample of it in each of the swag bags at the Crazy Daysies’ last CD release party.

Not sure what critter this is on one of our orange trees. I left him alone. (Photo: Indie Art South)
Not sure what critter this is on one of our orange trees. I left him alone. (Photo: Indie Art South)

And that brings me to the critical protection musicians and attendees need for an outdoor concert.

Bug repellent.

I don’t care where you go, or what season it is (if you’re in a climate like Florida’s), there will always be a critter eyeing you from above, thinking just how tasty you look. At times those little repellent wipes have been a lifesaver for my daughters when they perform. Unfortunately, those wipes don’t help with the wasp, Rebecca’s longtime nemesis. She is fearless when it comes to snakes, bears, creepy crawly things and lizards. But when a wasp comes near, she comes close to hurting herself in an effort to get away.

Bug repellent is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re heading to perform or listen to music outdoors. It should be the first.

Recently stories have broken about venomous caterpillars. I don’t think bug wipes of any kind will repel those creatures. You just have to stay away from them.

Those wipes will repel mosquitoes and other insects, though, and if you take a quick look at the illnesses mosquitoes can spread, you’ll see why I think keeping yourself from becoming a meal for a bug is critical.

In Florida, we have lots of different types of creatures, and that’s one of the joys of living here. One great creature you should never harm is the dragonfly. Humans have no better ally in our battle with mosquitoes than the fierce looking dragonfly.

That day in the park, before I’d give my husband one of those repellent wipes, I insisted he say something nice about my purse. All he could think of was, “Well, I like the color.”

(Kay B. Day/June 22, 2018)


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