New thriller to debut in Jax: “Nobody will see the ending coming”

Snip from trailer for film 'I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday' premiering August 9, 2018.

Indie film I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday will screen for a limited audience in Jacksonville, Florida on August 9th, 2018. The screening is presented by The Jacksonville Film Festival. Based on pre-pubilicity statements, it looks like there will be a big ‘reveal’ in the film, and you won’t see it coming. 

Going to Kill Someone film poster
Poster image courtesy of filmmakers

The film has been much anticipated by arts lovers in the First Coast City. Locally produced, I Am Going To Kill… sets a new bar for how indie productions are accomplished and what should be expected from the end result, offering moviegoers an experience that dares to reach for the quality and consistency of big budget films while enjoying the depth and edginess that can only be found in indie cinema. With a story inspired by Hitchcock and an aesthetic inspired by Stanley Kubrick, Kill, wrapping production in under 14 days, landed right on the mark it intended to hit.

Amidst challenges of garnering an audience for a story that relies heavily upon the details remaining secret, I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday has managed to gain an impressive reach and a solid following in social media through unique promotional campaigns and creative fan engagement throughout the planning and production of the film. Among numerous previous successful teaser campaigns, the first official trailer on the official Facebook page, organically reached over 35,000 people in less than a week.

I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday is not just a horror film; It takes the audience on a psychological journey through their own experiences, posing questions that may come with unwelcomed answers. It is a terrifying feeling, weaving in and out of honest moments examining uncomfortable issues, shrouded in layers of mystery that begs for the viewers’ attention. Featuring a great lineup of established and rising talent from across Florida, Kill comes to life in a very visceral way.

I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday has a voice to offer a wide array of audience members—men and women, young adults to the seasoned moviegoer, psychopaths and psychiatrists. There is delight to be found for everyone in the mystery and the reveal of I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday.

Actress Faneal Godbold, who has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, and actor Dean Phillippi, Sr. (Knight’s End and Replica) are among the cast members. Durden Godfrey, writer and director, said:

“Nobody will see the ending coming and there is no way to prepare yourself for it; But when the viewer revisits the film, they will find many times that we attempted to warn them.”

Premiering August 9 in Jacksonville at the Downtown Public Library, and presented by the Jacksonville Film Festival, the I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday Red Carpet Event will be an evening to remember, boasting a film that will surely not be easily forgotten.

Tickets go on sale July 6th, 2018.

(Source: Release with light edits; Third Man Entertainment)

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