Five indies heat up summer with classical crossover, Nicks tribute band, and more

Snip from video 'Love You' by Jenn Bostic/YouTube

Ever paid double digits for a concert and been disappointed? I have. I’ve also said you can often hear better music on the indie scene than you’ll hear on your device of choice. In writing about indies, I’ve come across bands whose level of professionalism and talent makes them worth following. Here are five of my favorites, starting with one unique singer trying to do what many used to believe impossible. 

Snip/@MistyPoseyMusic on Twitter
Snip/@MistyPoseyMusic on Twitter

Misty Posey has a voice you won’t forget. She’s trained it well, and directed it to everything from Disney songs (she’s performed as a Disney princess) to classical pieces and Irish favorites. How many classical singers perform in pubs? She does. Posey’s official site is on Facebook, and you can follow her on Twitter and other social media. Summer has Posey performing in places like Utah, Florida, and other states. Posey doesn’t just do covers—she also writes her own songs.

I can’t remember how I came across Jenn Bostic (featured photo). I do remember how impressed I was with her voice and delivery. Bostic is all over the nation this summer, and across the pond too for the Buckle and Boots Festival in Manchester (UK).  Her song “Love You” stays with you long after the last note. Bostic is definitely one to watch because she has chart topping in her future.

Jason Evans Band
The Jason Evans Band rocked the crowd at Wee Pub South’s 5th Anniversary Celebration in St. Mary’s, GA.

If you like foot stomping, tight rhythms that lead you to get out of your chair and interact with the beat, check out the Jason Evans Band. They do a lot of Florida shows, and they are most definitely accomplished musicians. Right now, they’re busy in Florida, a haven for musicians because music goes here year round, and they’ll be in Jacksonville and Daytona. Check out the band’s Web site, and stay on top of their events. No band delivers a better good time for you than this one.

Speaking of rhythm, if you get a chance to hear Firewater Tent Revival, take it. I learned about this band when they were performing at a venue where my daughters were performing. Toe tapping beats, harmonies, and raw energy mark their approach. Check out their upcoming gigs and go have a listen.

Another band worth following is The Bella Donna Project, a Stevie Nicks tribute band. These performers are consummate musicians. When my daughters opened for them in Jacksonville, I got to hear TBDP and at times forgot I wasn’t listening to Nicks. They’re that good. Stay on top of their doings by following their Facebook page and Web site.

I’m hoping to see these bands in person again soon, as I travel with the Daysies here and there. We’re busy all summer and already planning 2019. That is the life of a gigging musician.

(Kay B. Day/June 27, 2018)


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