It’s National Camera Day, and I’m singing praises

There’s admittedly a day for just about everything, and today is National Camera Day. We recently got a great camera and although I also have a good camera in my phone, I’m in love with this new one. It has all kinds of ‘whichits’ and ‘whatits’, shoots great video too, and is proving to be a plus for my work and for shots of my daughters’ band. We got an amazing deal, by the way.

Five indies heat up summer with classical crossover, Nicks tribute band, and more

Ever paid double digits for a concert and been disappointed? I have. I’ve also said you can often hear better music on the indie scene than you’ll hear on your device of choice. In writing about indies, I’ve come across bands whose level of professionalism and talent makes them worth following. Here are five of my favorites, starting with one unique singer trying to do what many used to believe impossible. 

New thriller to debut in Jax: “Nobody will see the ending coming”

Indie film I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday will screen for a limited audience in Jacksonville, Florida on August 9th, 2018. The screening is presented by The Jacksonville Film Festival. Based on pre-pubilicity statements, it looks like there will be a big ‘reveal’ in the film, and you won’t see it coming. 

As album release looms, Cody Jinks on the mend after concert incident

Country music chart topper Cody Jinks had to stop performing at a concert in Papillion, Nebraska at the Sum Tur Ampitheater on June 22. Jinks did approximately one hour of music before he explained to the audience he felt dizzy. Jinks tried to finish the set, but couldn’t. Papillion is a suburb of the city of Omaha.

One critical protection for musicians and attendees at outdoor concerts

It was a classic yin and yang moment. We were standing in a park along with hundreds of others here in Florida. We’d come to hear music, grab a bite from one of the food trucks, and socialize. My husband walked over to me and asked, “You got any of those wipes you always carry in that thing?” 

A new deal for movie-goers, but indie opportunity missed

AMC Theatres has come up with a new subscription offer for movie-goers. The deal offers perks for monthly subscribers, but what’s missing in all the coverage is the opportunity when it comes to indie films and other indie offerings. Subscriptions aren’t new—others have created similar offerings. Something else is missing from coverage of AMC’s announcement, though. And that missing info suggests the industry needs more than a budget-friendly deal for subscribers. 

Gunboat Diplomats get down to the bones with latest, “Original Sin”

I’m a sucker for lyrics, courtesy of my being a sucker for poetry. That’s one reason, I guess, the latest recording from Gunboat Diplomats, “Original Sin”, is still stuck in my head. GD, as I wrote in an earlier article, aren’t your typical gig group. They focus on recording, although members of the group do gigs on their own. When I tag one of them, it’s always first name ‘Gunboat’ followed by the musician’s real last name. “Original Sin” is part of their forthcoming album Manifest Destiny. You’re probably wondering why their latest lyrics stuck in my head. 

CDs still staple for country fans; streaming services took note at CMA fest

A story at Billboard about a recent effort at CMA Fest in Nashville confirmed what we’d already learned. CDs are still a staple for country fans, and probably for indie fans as well. In an effort to up their share of the market, streaming services like Amazon, Spotify, and iHeart Radio took action and had a larger presence at this year’s Country Music Association event. Crunching numbers leads to some interesting insights.

Aaron Lewis is all over the place as guitar contest commences

Aaron Lewis is often viewed by lovers of traditional country music as the real thing despite the fact he’s also widely known as lead vocalist for alt-metal band Staind. Lewis appears to be focusing right now on his solo career in country music, and he is literally all over the place, the place being the USA. Lewis also signed a special guitar slated for giveaway, and you can take your shot at winning it. 

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