‘Trust’ recounts story of kidnapped heir whose brother co-founded Getty Images

J. Paul Getty Museum in LA

Are you watching the series Trust on FX? The series recounts the story of John Paul Getty III who was kidnapped in Italy when he was only 16. Some of us are old enough to remember the news coverage about the kidnapping of an heir whose grandfather was one of the richest men in the world. While the kidnapping is the focus of the series, what’s not as well known is that one of the most influential image galleries in the world was co-founded by Getty III’s brother Mark. 

The series thus far hasn’t featured much information about Mark, but in his own way, he has exerted great influence over the world of content in both print and on the Web. Getty Images is the go-to for many wire services, webmasters, corporate clients, and others seeking creative content.

The TV series weaves a tale of wealth, intrigue, power, and decadence.

While the family dysfunction did in some of the heirs, Mark Getty seems to have escaped the demons that plagued his brother.

Family patriarch J. Paul Getty who created his wealth in the oil business died several years after his grandson had been kidnapped. Getty was an art collector and enthusiast who left his mark by establishing a hefty trust that includes the J. Paul Getty Museum.

If you’ve ever read a newspaper or legacy brand content on the Web, chances are you’ve seen a Getty Images photo or content even if you didn’t realize it. The company employs thousands of creatives around the globe. Photographers can apply to be a Getty Images contributor online, and this could be productive for anyone who freelances.

The series Trust provides a bird’s eye view of a family whose wealth and influence continue to this day and stretch around the globe. At times horrifying, and at other times simply tragic, the FX series suggests that an age old maxim can at times be painfully true. Money can’t buy you happiness.

(Kay B. Day/May 7, 2018)

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