3,000 people and a lame comic—a gold mine for real comedy

Above the fold, just about everywhere, are stories about the ‘comedy’ routine at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Some thought the comic funny. Others thought her lame. I tried to watch some of the video, but her voice tuned me out. She delivers her routine in what might be called a soft shriek, sort of like chalk squealing on a board. 

It’s hard for me to laugh at someone who makes fun of another person’s looks. At the WHCD, the comic targeted the White House press secretary who happens to be a woman. The comic also insulted the press sec because of her weight. I don’t recall anyone making fun of the previous administration’s press sec who was male. I am going to resist making fun of that guy here despite the fact he could easily be a target because of his looks and mannerisms. The previous administration’s first press secretary had formerly been a reporter who covered the campaign of the man who would win the White House. That’s pretty funny.

I like good comedy although it’s in short supply right now.

Comic Eric Golub (shown in the photo above)—he’s also an author and public speaker—weighed in on the WHCD with a meme:

“Dear @michelleisawolf: Thank you for your bigotry. The media seems to be forgetting about me. Love, @JoyAnnReid.”

Golub’s snark at Wolf refers to the controversy over Reid’s past writings related to homosexuality, Islam, and I forget the rest. Reid does a far left of center show on cable TV. I’ve never watched it. Then again, I don’t watch much cable TV because I get bored very easily. Reid denies she wrote what it looks like she wrote. Her bosses and fans will sort it all out. She has the right to say what she wants because she’s in the US. If she was in the United Kingdom, or a number of other countries, she’d be in big trouble. There is no First Amendment anywhere but right here.

Golub is a funny guy. I’ve met him, and I’ve also been on the program at some events where he spoke. I remember his dustup with Twitter. The left of center social media website put Golub on temporary suspension for using the word ‘bimbos’. You can’t make this stuff up.

Golub was chiding “liberal media bimbos” in his original Tweet. He didn’t use the term as it relates to gender. As one right of center news outlet suggested, treatment dealt to Golub differed significantly than treatment dealt to those Twitter’s controllers are sympathetic to.

Golub has a speaking tour coming up. He’s posted it on his Facebook page.

Personally speaking, if someone’s funny, I laugh even if the joke is at my expense. Judging comments on social media, not everyone sees it that way. I do find it strange, though, the absence of jokes and snarks from high profile individuals about men formerly in the press sec seat.

The comic at the WHCD drew so much attention one writer, a female, at The New York Times felt obligated to defend her. It probably won’t be too long before that same NYT writer feels obligated to chastise men for what they say about women’s bodies. When that happens, we should let it fall on deaf ears. Hypocrisy is not acceptable if honesty counts to us personally.

At the dinner, you had roughly 3,000 people in the political class spanning government, media, and entertainment all dressed up in their finest. Most were there I think to be seen with the right people and to rub shoulders with their political class fellows. That’s a gold mine for comedy if you think about it. Maybe we could see some funny stuff on that.

(Kay B. Day/April 30, 2018)

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