St. Patrick’s Day breaking news: It’s worth $6 billion

Image of St. Patrick from US Library of Congress with credit stated as “Merinsky, 1872”.

Many of us can claim Irish ancestry to some degree, and our official holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. Lots of people, regardless of ethnicity, culturally appropriate this holiday to join in the fun.

It seems the celebration of this saint’s day grows more popular each year, and information from the National Retail Federation appears to confirm that. 

Dave med Music
Photo snipped from Dave Med Music. (YouTube)

As reported by The Daily Caller, this holiday generates $6 billion in consumer spending:

“The NRF report also said 31 percent of consumers will be hosting some kind of St. Patrick’s Day dinner, while around 27 percent will be celebrating at a bar or restaurant,” Fox News reported.”

I’ll be part of that 27 percent, when I head to St. Mary’s, Georgia to Wee Pub South where three bands will play, prizes will be awarded, and green beer and corned beef will be served up to all who seek it. On Friday, March 16, at 8 p.m., the Milltown Road Band will perform. On Saturday, March 17, the Crazy Daysies along with Wes Goode on bass and Chris Sands on drums take the stage in the afternoon with a full band performance beginning at 3 p.m. At 7 p.m. The Firewater Tent Revival performs.

Closer to home in Jacksonville, Dave Med Music will deliver awesome tunes at San Jose Baptist Church starting at 6 p.m. Downtown in Jax, there’s a ‘Food Truck Takeover’ starting at 11 a.m. at Hemming Park.

The Crazy Daysies (Photo: Joel Molotzak Photography)
The Crazy Daysies (Photo: Joel Molotzak Photography)

North of Florida, the city of Savannah will host its iconic parade and Vice President Mike Pence will be visiting as well. Note: expect traffic woes, already insane that time of year, to be a tad more challenging.

One neat place to go for St. Patrick’s Day is North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. That city reportedly draws around 30,000 for the annual Irish celebration.

Sports bars across the country will be busy on the saint’s day too—college basketball is on.

One reason St. Patrick’s Day probably got steam long ago is because it falls during Lent, but you could drink alcohol after going to church that day. St. Patrick reportedly brought Christianity to pagan Ireland. Or, if you believe the popular myth, the saint chased all the snakes away from that emerald country.

Whatever your plans are, if you’re heading to a St. Patrick’s celebration, wear green so you don’t get pinched.

(Kay B. Day/March 16, 2018)

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