My personal anthem is officially released: ‘Back Off’

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Today marks the release of a song inspired after a conversation with my daughters about standing your ground. I learned early on how vital it was to encourage my daughters to think independently and to never yield to peer pressure on something they didn’t agree with. (Article continues after video below.)

Snip from video 'Back Off', the Crazy Daysies.
Snip from video ‘Back Off’, the Crazy Daysies.

The original prompt for the song was unintentional, arising as Rebecca first began to work as a musician. The Crazy Daysies, then largely consisting of Rebecca doing solo gigs with Jen sitting in sometimes, were entitled to a critique from a professional in the music industry. This was a small perk of membership dues in an organization.

The professional ended up bailing at the last minute, and a stand-in was appointed. The crit was online.

We sat through remarks about a variety of songs and finally, it was our turn.

The man doing the critiquing didn’t even listen to the song. I think he saw the title and made his mind up before he even played a few measures of the recording—just a few seconds. And he launched into a tirade about drinking songs and “taking bullets” for this one.

I was astounded. Imagine telling a bro-country singer he can’t do bar songs.

Eventually that song, “Cheers to Getting Sober”, was released on an anthology album, and then in November, 2017, was released as a single by a large company associated with a well-known music powerhouse. I’ve told this story before.

But what makes it worth repeating is this.

If you think you’re right, and you’re not doing anyone harm, hang tough. Women often do anything to avoid being assertive. That will get you nowhere.

Rebecca ended up writing “Back Off,” and I immediately claimed it as my anthem. When the Crazy Daysies perform it, it is always well-received. That the poem “Invictus” is part of the video pleased me immensely.

Glad to see it released. As with all their music, “Back Off” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and just about anywhere you can purchase or stream music. It is also distributed through CD Baby.

The Daysies are about to hit the studio again, with two more new songs coming up and a slew of others on the back burner.

(By Kay B. Day/March 28, 2018)

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