Did the Super Moon have an impact on human behavior?

super moon
Is there any artist who doesn’t love the moon, especially when it looks like this? (Photo Indie Art South)

I took that photo of the moon, and realized afterwards the landscaping lights cast a glow on the tree. My mom—Southern to the core—always says the full moon brings out the crazy in everybody. She said the super moon would make it worse.

Considering some of the stories breaking this week in all sectors, I’d say she might be on to something.

At any rate, most of us in the arts love the moon. We can’t help ourselves. It’s an inspiration for art, and it’s an invitation to muse.

Have a happy weekend, all, and be safe. Take in some indie music and buy some indie art while you’re at it.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 2, 2018)

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