Angela G deserves gold for Valentine’s Meme

Valentine meme Angela G

Valentine setup shotCheck out your nearest social media and you’ll see lots of messages and posts about Valentine’s Day. Some posts praise a lover. Other posts offer support to those who are single.

Still other posts show how some countries want to ban the day when we in the US celebrate love. And, if we purchase something for a loved one, capitalism.

I found a lot of pretty bad poetry. I also found some posts that made me laugh. 

My personal favorite was posted by Angela G (@anggib) on Twitter. What mother hasn’t pulled her hair out or opted for a glass of chill-me-or-kill-me-now wine over something her kid did?

Another post was made by an individual who told herself she loved herself. Cool.

Retailers also got in on the fun, promoting various products.

One post surprised me though. I’ve always viewed Valentine’s Day as a day focusing on something the world needs more of, whether it’s romantic love or love of family and/or friends. As a story released by Agence France-Presse, an international wire service, indicated, not all countries are happy about a day dedicated to love. Some have, in fact, attempted to ban it.

If you’re in search of entertainment, check out hashtags like Valentines or, on Twitter, IfMomWroteCandyHearts.

Better content on these than you’ll likely see on the TV set.

I posted a poem for fun—so here’s my Valentine ditty:

A Capitalist Valentine Poem

Sugar is sweet;
so is honey.
Ditch the chocolates
and just hand me the money.

(Kay B. Day/Feb. 14, 2018)

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