‘Guitar Aficionado’ bids us farewell

issue of Guitar Aficionado
Our last issue of ‘Guitar Aficionado’ featured one of our favorite actors.

Our family has some serious guitar enthusiasts, one reason my husband received the magazine Guitar Aficionado as a gift. Unfortunately, the glossy is bidding us farewell. 

Nestled inside our Christmas mail stack is an “important announcement from Guitar Aficionado.” The magazine is folding, but not to fret. The subscription is being transferred to Guitar Player, a sister publication in the New Bay Media group.

Readers not interested in Guitar Player can opt for Guitar World Magazine or Bass Player Magazine. There’s also the option of a refund.

It’s a hard world out there for print publications nowadays, even those seeking the well-heeled niche market Aficionado targeted. We’re good with getting Guitar Player. Family is full of those.

(Kay B. Day/Jan. 2, 2017)

One thought on “‘Guitar Aficionado’ bids us farewell”

  1. I guess I’m a little late writing to the magazine.

    Some time ago I found a 2009-ish copy of GA in a Goodwill store. It was the John McEnroe issue. I read it cover to cover numerous times. Good articles about obviously well-off people, some fine guitars, cigars, cars, liqueurs, et al.
    Unfortunately, I do not fit in the category of well-off. We had 4 children instead.

    I have had to stop re-reading the magazine as I finally realized it shows me all the things I never had, and never will have. During this life-on-hold covid pandemic, I find it too depressing to read. I’m contemplating throwing it away.

    Other than that, it is (was) a great magazine.

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