Great Valentine gift: Jax short film festival

Jax short film showcase
Image: Jacksonville Short Film Showcase/YouTube channel

Forget a box of chocolates or bouquet of roses. I can’t think of a better valentine than tickets to the Jacksonville Short Film Festival. The Festival comes just in time for pre-Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

Scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 8, two screenings of two different lineups will play at Sun-Ray Cinema (1028 Park Street). The Jacksonville Short Film Festival will run from 7-10:30 pm for both screenings.

Jacksonville has a burgeoning indie film community, evidenced by events like this and unrelated events like the 2018 release of the full-length film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday.

The short film fest may deliver surprises—there’s a ‘Viewer Discretion advised’ note on the Facebook page for the event.

The showcase isn’t just for film fans, though. The ‘about’ section on the showcase Facebook page says:

“The Jacksonville Short Film Showcase is a semi-annual short film showcase, featuring work from Jacksonville natives. It also serves as a networking opportunity for the filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians and other creative people.”

Musicians, take note, and poets too. I can’t count the times a film has inspired me to write. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to enjoy someone else’s art if for no other reason than to take your mind off your own.

Learn more about the showcase on the official website. There’s also a YouTube channel.

The February showcase will definitely be memorable—it’s an organic effort comprising different perspectives and aesthetics. I can’t think of a better Valentine gift than tickets and an artsy night out with interesting people.

(Kay B. Day; Jan. 4, 2018)

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