Faneal Godbold chose to ‘step up’ early on

I’ll soon have an interview with actress and law enforcement expert Faneal Godbold. Recently the CEO of the Recording Academy, responding to complaints about the scarcity of women in the Grammy Awards, said women should “step up.” Godbold stepped up all on her own. 

Will Facebook music licensing give indies short end of the stick?

It’s been awhile coming, but Facebook’s music licensing contracts appear to be baked. Not much is available about pop culture contracts. But according to Digital Music News, it’s likely, “If you’re an indie publisher or songwriter, you’re probably going to hate Facebook’s music publishing contract.”  

So, female indie musicians, should you ‘step up’?

If you read news coverage of any awards event in the entertainment sector, you may wonder if  Recording Academy CEO Neil Portnow was right. Portnow drew crits for saying, women need to “step up.” Portnow used that term after media pointed out the scarcity of female performers among winners in 2018. Whiplash ensued, and Portnow clarified his remarks, but what you see and what you hear are in conflict. 

State ‘rankings’ placing Florida last are based on thin air and snark

Media are breathlessly touting results of state ‘rankings’ that place the state of Florida dead last in an analysis of states ranked from “best to worst.” The list started with the “worst.” Headlines blared from eager media who probably are still smarting from Democrats’ loss in the Sunshine State in November, 2016. That’s beside the point, though. What is inside the point is that media who deliver your evening news on traditional networks actually took these ‘rankings’ seriously. These aren’t real ‘rankings’. 

Indie musicians: Can you afford the myth of the starving artist in an Ivory Tower?

Twitter, in my opinion, ranks as the cesspool of social media. Not much can surprise you once you’ve read enough tweets. I saw something yesterday, though, that topped the list for brain dead. 

Erykah Badu gets an earful on social media after Vulture interview

So many musicians these days get political, it’s hard to keep up. Most hail from one side of the aisle and follow party talking points. Right now R&B singer Erykah Badu is getting an earful on social media after making remarks about her brand of humanism, including her assertion she saw “something good in Hitler.” The interview appeared on a site named Vulture.

The book every songwriter (and poet) should read

If you write songs, chances are you’ve confronted the same challenges poets confront. How do you make time-honored themes like love and loss or anger and redemption new again? You have to do that if you’re writing a new song—you can’t rely on standard clichés and rewrite the same tropes, even altered, over and over again. I often talk to musicians and songwriters in my personal life, and lately, I find myself recommending the one book I think every songwriter (or poet) should read. The latest person I recommended it to is a filmmaker (Hello, Jared Rush). 

For Daysies, little song that could makes Spotify playlists

When Jen and Rebecca began performing together, one of the first songs they recorded was “Until I Win.” I’ve always liked the song, in part because of the lyrics and the message. It’s consistently performed well in the download world, and now this little song that could actually did. 

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