For indie musicians, Christmas songs have long shelf life

Angel ornament by SC artist Valerie G. Lumpkin
Angel ornament by SC artist Valerie G. Lumpkin. (Photo Indie Art South)

Have you written a Christmas song? Maybe you should. 

You can count on Christmas rolling around every 12 months, and those who celebrate often look for new tunes to brighten up gatherings.

I found an article listing 19 indie Christmas songs. I liked most of what I heard—you can listen to the majority of the picks on site. The article is dated several years ago, so there are likely more new indie Christmas songs floating around cyberspace now.

I also found a new Christmas song to love (a song new to me). I’m not sure about what label The Pogues recorded on, but their music is so independent in spirit, I’d say they seem like an indie band. I think the columnist who wrote about this song is right—it has excellent potential for longterm shelf life. If you have any Irish in you (or in your family as I do), you’ll get the narrative in the haunting song “Fairy Tale of New York”. I don’t think the band is still together; that’s sad.  I love love love this song and the vid.

It’s that time of year when people listening to you at your gigs will ask, “Can you play a Christmas song?”

Check out the songs on the list, and that eventual classic by The Pogues. Maybe do something different this year.

A Christmas song has the potential to be awakened every 12 months. That’s a great opportunity for long term shelf life.

(Kay B. Day/Dec. 14, 2017)

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