Turn to indie artists for unique gifts

Valerie Geiger Lumpkin angel ornament
South Carolina artist Valerie Geiger Lumpkin makes these angels with natural materials like seashells and moss. Each angel is unique.

With the Christmas season approaching, we’ll all probably buy more gifts than we anticipated. This year, instead of hitting the ‘click’ button for a mass-produced item, consider doing something different. At the very least, you likely won’t have to worry about your recipient already having one of what you’re giving. 

guitar mosaic
The photo doesn’t do this guitar mosaic justice.

I’ve always made a habit of checking out indie artists’ creations for unique gifts. Prints, candleholders, ornaments, and other items come in all sizes and prices.

It makes sense to me for indie artists to support each other, and even if you don’t make a habit of strolling booths at craft fairs, you can turn to individual artists’ sites or to sites like Etsy to find a perfect present.

Local small businesses also often carry works by indie artists.

Most online booksellers carry books by indie authors. Indie musicians’ CDs are available at many sites online, and those make great stocking stuffers.

One of my favorite gifts of all time is the mosaic guitar I gave to my younger daughter. I found it at a booth at a concert in downtown Jacksonville. It wasn’t cheap, but it is unique and I knew she’d love it.

Other gifts include reasonably priced creations like those my friend Valerie Geiger Lumpkin makes—I’ve given her hand-crafted angel ornaments to people who are special to me.

Photographers like Joel Molotzak and Rick Lipscomb also have a wide variety of images that will look very nice in anyone’s home.

Indie artists can lend each other a lot of support by considering artworks created by their fellow artists, and best of all, you end up with a custom gift that is most often one of a kind.

As a side note, a piece of advice. If you create a work of art, sign it somewhere. The artist who created my mosaic guitar didn’t, and I’d love to know his name. (Kay B. Day; 11/27/17)

Joel Molotzak print
Besides being the Crazy Daysies’ official photographer, Joel Molotzak captures images in all types of settings. This is one of my favorites—I love the geometric lines created by the pier and sun.
Rick Lipscomb print
Rick Lipscomb’s print hangs above my piano, a gift from my husband for our anniversary last year.








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