Writing about locally produced film opened door on Florida show biz community

Actor Dean Phillippi Sr.
Actor Dean Phillippi, Sr. ; Facebook photo

When I began to cover a film in progress in Jacksonville, I had no idea what was in store. I wrote about the film because I’ve known and respected the producer of I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday for years.

Once I did an update to the original article, I began to get emails and requests on social media.

Frankly, I simply had no idea. 

I did know Jacksonville and the entire state of Florida has a vibrant indie music community.. I also know Florida has any number of self-published or authors published through small regional firms. Same goes for craft makers, visual artists, and photographers.

I didn’t know about films and show biz, though.

I’m wading through emails and lining up some future articles, but today I had this moment after accepting a ‘friend’ request on my personal page. I rarely accept those—the page is personal, not public. But I saw the photo of the potential ‘friend’, and I asked myself a question.

How do I know this guy?

I rarely forget a face although I do sometimes forget names. As I explored the bio and other information relevant to a gentleman named Dean Phillippi, Sr., I realized exactly how I “knew” him.

I’ve seen him on TV. You probably have too.

Phillippi has been involved in acting since high school. He also served in the US Navy, played professional football, and worked in the corporate world. His work topped off by an acting career seems the stuff of story books.

Phillippi lives here in Jacksonville, and he recently updated his Facebook page with his latest project:

“I am so honored to be cast in this upcoming Faith Based Feature Film: “Lone Mountain the Movie”, and to work alongside with Kelly Nelon Clark, and such great film people: (William MullendoreKurt Pj DeVries , Laurie AntonAaron Mutter). The script is truly awesome, and I love the story line!”

Phillippi has been busy filming a new commercial, and he’s playing the role of a police officer in the new film In Utero. I’ll have a column up soon about that film being shot in Middleburg, FL. As an aside, I have to say Middleburg definitely attracts the creatives. Phillippi also starred in the TV mini-series 12 Masks. He’s also in the film I wrote about earlier, I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday.

I hope to line up an interview with Phillippi once I catch up some work in the office after being on the road for several weeks and once my to-do list for the Daysies’ release is trimmed a bit..

As I read through emails from others in the film industry here, I realized what a treasure all these creatives are. I’m hoping my readers (and Facebook friends) will support these endeavors, and there’s an easy way to start. ‘Like’ their pages on social media.

Learn more about Phillippi at his Internet Movie Database page, and on his official Facebook page. I’m delighted to have made his acquaintance. I am also delighted to make the acquaintances of all who have emailed me to share exciting plans about film projects throughout the Sunshine State. Who knew?

More stories coming soon!

(Kay B. Day/Oct. 17, 2017)

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