Indie artists in Florida may celebrate results of Yelp study

Jax Seawalk Pavilion
Festivals and special events in Jacksonville and other Florida cities are a blessing to indie artists. (Seawalk Pavilion opener/Day on the Day)

If you’ve ever looked for reviews of businesses, chances are you’ve come across Yelp, a website enabling the public to post reviews. It’s a popular site, and naturally a great deal of data can be mined from those reviews.

That’s probably one reason Yelp now publishes a report titled “Yelp Economic Outlook.” Results of this year’s report may lead indie artists to celebrate if they live in the Sunshine State. 

In the report, Of 50 cities Yelp said were “ranked by economic opportunity to show the current state of affairs in the local American economy”, three of the top ten are located in the state of Florida. Jacksonville is ranked in second place—Charlotte (NC) took first place. Orlando came in fourth, and Tampa ranked in seventh place. Only Orlando lost momentum when data was compared with the previous year. Seven of the top ten cities are located in the South.

Miami was ranked in fourteenth place.

Why should indie artists celebrate these results?

Economic success in the business community is requisite for an indie artist’s success. Only if there is a healthy business climate does an indie artist have the greatest opportunity to promote services or wares.

If you are a working artist, consider mentioning accolades for the city where you live when you do news releases and statements about your own business. By promoting your city, you indirectly help yourself.

The Yelp data available in the report may also help you come up with leads and strategies for increasing your sales.

Considering the Sunshine State has three cities in Yelp’s top ten, I’d say that’s cause for indie artists here to celebrate.

(Kay B. Day/Oct. 25, 2017)

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