Crazy Daysies set for album release, a swampy-tonk DIY

Crazy Daysies coffee cup
The Crazy Daysies have new merch like this coffee cup.

When you’re an indie band, you are where the buck starts and stops. When you decide to do a full album, it sounds so simple.

Write the songs and get them recorded, right?

If it was only that simple. 

Daysies Live Facebook
Each week, the Daysies announce the show on Facebook.

Months in the making, the album Milemarkers is the beginning of a series of releases. At the official release event, eight songs will be available in a limited edition CD. Once that release occurs, more new music will continue to be released in coming months.

The good news is the Daysies have a backlog of content ready to be recorded. The other news is that Rebecca and Jennifer can’t take time away from the gig schedule or the show or other work-related items to head to a studio for uninterrupted days. The songs are being recorded one-up.

Ultimately they will have a great collection of songs for supporters to enjoy.

It was time for new merch and thus far, new coffee cups, t-shirts, and Koozies have either been shipped or are in transit.

During the release party festivities, some swag bags will be awarded to guests who participate in a drawing. The first 20 guests to arrive will receive a complimentary swag bag with Daysie and other merch.

Incidentally, if you’d like some of your own merch to be included in the swag bags, let Rebecca or Jennifer know. If you donate items, your business card or brochure will be included in the bags. You will also be credited on the program we’ll hand out.

This has so far been a great year for the band, despite interruptions from Hurricane Irma and some life events beyond our control. More than 25,000 views of the weekly show have been tallied. The past year has been a big one with festivals, corporate, and private events dominating their calendar. The Daysie tribe continues to grow with new email signups.

Be sure to sign up for their Spotify and social media pages—when the band gets a new email signup, a meal will be donated to an area pet shelter. Jennifer and Rebecca both adopted dogs who would have likely been homeless, so caring for animals is one of the girls’ biggest causes.

The new album’s content aims at empowerment, individualism, and just plain fun. From the anthem “Back Off” to the story recounted in “Old Jeans Blue,” the songs offer another dimension for your leisure and/or music listening time. “Medicine Bag” is timely, considering the Opioid epidemic that now threatens rural areas in addition to urban areas. The whole album reflects the swampy-tonk trademark of the Daysies’ music.

A special guest will also be in attendance for the release. Florida photographer Joel Molotzak will be there for his first ever official exhibit. Eight photographs have been selected for the exhibit, and Joel will be there to talk to guests about his fine work. Joel has been part of the Daysies’ team from day one.

When you’re indie, you’re the labor for everything from video and photo shoots to publicity and merch distribution. I’ve often told the Daysies the music business isn’t for the faint of heart. We’ve made lots of plans and we’re adding to the program each day.

We hope you’ll save the date and come join us for a fun afternoon full of music, fellowship, and just plain good times. Be sure to follow the Daysies on Facebook to keep up with new announcements about the release party.

The Milemarkers release is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017, at Ragtime Tavern at Jacksonville Beach. The fun starts at 4 p.m., so mark down that date and come out and join our celebration.

(Band Mom/Oct. 18, 2017)

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