Take heart, indie artists: As Irma approaches, ‘happy’ music may aid coping

rainbow before Irma
As Hurricane Irma churned towards Florida, a brief rain delivered another rainbow. (Photo IAS)

It’s almost impossible to think creatively right now because those of us who live in Florida are facing a very angry Irma rolling her way towards the south end of the Sunshine State. As I multi-tasked this morning in an attempt to get things squared away, I came across an interesting article related to my current quandary. 

Writing requires creativity, and writing every day requires a lot of it. As I inventoried emergency food, water, and fuel supplies because I am counting on being without power for an unknown period, I didn’t feel very creative. By the time I’d phoned a dozen stores in a search for propane—this was after I tried to access a longstanding site that has for unknown reasons refused me entry—I was feeling exactly the opposite of creative.

Where’s Happy Hour when you need it?

Heading to check my email, I came across an article about ‘happy music’, and its impact on thinking.

Let me say I don’t really think we needed a study for this. The world has more studies than insect species, I think, and the bugs are far more useful overall.

The study indicated listening to ‘happy music’ increased the subjects’ ability for ‘divergent thinking’, a type of thinking the authors defined as necessary “to come up with original ideas.” I took note of the classical examples mentioned in the musical selections. The ‘happy example’ was “Vivaldi’s uplifting Four Seasons.”

Perhaps because things are topsy turvy right now with Irma about to come calling, I dismissed Vivaldi and hopped over to the Daysies’ video “Stick a Lime in It.” I always call that their happy song. And I often play it when I need a little happy.

I’ve often said if music was an illegal drug, I’d go to the pen for life. While I think the study was not a vital one, I do agree with the premise and the conclusions reached via this batch of test subjects.

As we in Florida continue to try to do whatever we can to deal with Mother Nature, the Daysies will have some time off in the next two weeks because four gigs along the Florida and Georgia coasts were canceled. Rebecca came up with the idea to do a Facebook Live broadcast at 4 p.m. this afternoon—sort of an ‘in your face’ to Irma. I approve.

When problems multiply and you are scratching your head for inspiration or creative approaches, try your own ‘happy music’ brand.

It’s something that’s long worked for me, and it’s legal, cheap, and doesn’t harm your body unless you turn the speakers up so high you blast your ear drums.

Sending hopes for the safety and wellbeing of all those in Irma’s path. Stay safe, Floridians and maybe, depending on Irma’s whims, Georgians and South Carolinians too.

Be sure to tune into the Crazy Daysies on Facebook at 4 p.m. I think it will definitely give you a jolt of ‘happy’.

(Band Mom/Sept. 8, 2017)

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