Indie music toolbox: Sites that may help you get to the next level

Crazy Daysies at Waffle House
After a late night gig in Georgia, we were all starving. The first thing I said when we finally found a place open was, ‘Thank God for Waffle House’. (L to R: Jen Day Thompson, Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies)

I’ve been helping the Crazy Daysies get ready for their first full length album release this fall. I have come to appreciate the work that goes into something like this as we try to cover all our bases.

One of my tasks has been to sleuth the Web for sites that might be useful. I found a few so I thought I’d share them here.

One site I found provides average earnings for different types of artists. Who knew?

A standout site is Performer. This site not only reviews releases (there is a 3-month lead time for the print magazine), it also features information about copyright, contracts, and equipment. If you’re seeking some press, you can also submit a news release for consideration. There’s lots of interest there for the working musician, including a headline on the contracts page that spoke directly to what Jennifer and Rebecca are trying to do: “How 21st century musicians are becoming the CEOs of their own careers.”

I signed up for Performer’s free newsletter, and later I plan to subscribe to the print mag—it’s only $30.

Sonic Bids also has lots of nuggets. From the home page you can click over to see gigs looking for musicians. There’s also a useful article 16 must-have online tools for indie musicians. Related articles appear in the sidebar widget. You can create an account there, and the site puts pricing online. The cost looks reasonable, and right now there’s a free trial offer. But even if you don’t join, hopping around the website gets you some interesting info.

There’s also the US Government Dept. of Labor. Didn’t know they could be useful, right? Well, if you’re interested in what others in your profession earn, this is the place to go. I looked up links for writers, musicians, and photographers. Where you live in the country will impact your earnings, but these links at least give you one yardstick.

Finally, don’t forget Billboard. While much on the site is devoted to standard pop culture brands, there’s also useful information in the news section about trends, developments, and events in the music business.

Those are just a few links I got very useful information from, and I’m still looking for more. We’re planning a big event for the release, and I am learning about the music business every day. That’s par. I still learn something about my own profession every day too and I’ve done this for a long time.

The Daysies have three more songs to record and the album will be done. Then there’s a lot of hard work ahead. The working title is “Mile Markers”, because each song relates to a different period of development in their music. Josh Cobb at Rockbot Studios is producing. Stay tuned and I’ll share more as the plans come together.

[No profits or benefits whatsoever are derived from my recommendations in this article.]

(Band Mom/Aug. 8, 2017)

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