CD Baby conference a definite plus for indies

Tootsies Nashville
No trip to Nashville is complete without a trip to Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The CD Baby conference was about 2 blocks away.

The Daysie team returned from Nashville late last night and to say the CD Baby DIY Conference inspired them is an understatement. If anything, the feedback I’ve heard confirms what I’ve been writing about on this site. 

CD Baby conference crowd
The CD Baby conference sold out. This shot gives an idea of the size of the crowd.

Indie music is on the cusp of a renaissance of sorts.

I look at the music business and the products in the traditional market, and uniformity seems to be the name of the game regardless of genre. Entertainment is one thing; art is often (not always) another.

Now that there is no gatekeeper when it comes to getting your music out in the marketplace, opportunities abound for indie musicians. In talking to many of them, I’ve come to realize that even those who want to get to the next level don’t have an idea of how to do that. Something as simple as a press kit is foreign to many musicians, I have learned.

The Nashville conference drew 1,400 people from 49 US states, 5 countries, and 3 continents. The conference sold out.

CDBaby session
The CD Baby conference was packed with how-to sessions for indie musicians.

Workshops as general as how to do a tour and as specific as how to work your stream opportunities for mailbox (or direct deposit) money appealed to budding musicians and those like the Daysies who do music fulltime.

I’d strongly recommend any indie artist who wants to do music for a living capitalize on conferences like this.

We’ll be sharing the impact of what Rebecca and her co-Daysie learned in Nashville, and you’ll be seeing the impact on where we go from here.

We’re very excited about our plans to expand the Daysie community. So stay tuned for developing news and future plans.

On the way home, our team experienced a shutdown on I-75 after a wreck involving a semi. Shutdowns are the bane of any traveling musician. Rarely have we gone out of town to work or do anything for music that a shutdown or serious slowdown doesn’t occur. That ended the trip on a familiar note.

semi wreck on Interstate 75
On the trip back home, a semi wreck shut I-75 down. Shutdowns are the bane of gigging out of town, so this one was familiar.

(Band Mom/Aug. 28, 2017)

(*All photos courtesy of Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies; used with permission)

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