Wee Pub South highlights indie music, trucks, and 5th anniversary

Wee Pub South guests
Guests at Wee Pub South’s 5th Anniversary.

Wee Pub South celebrated the pub’s 5th anniversary in St. Mary’s (GA) on Saturday, highlighting indie music, trucks, and a parking lot party that felt like a block party. Fun was the only agenda in sight, with bands filling the night with music as guests played corn hole right below the stage. Besides that, those interesting trucks were on display, hoods up, for enthusiasts to admire engines and the ‘which-its’ that run them.

Crazy Daysies with Chris Woods
Crazy Daysies Jennifer Day Thompson (left), Rebecca Day (center) and Chris Sands (back) with Chris Woods (right). Woods opened the 5th Anniversary celebration at Wee Pub South on Saturday. Missing from the photo is Crazy Daysies guitarist Wes Goode.

The afternoon got underway with a solo performance by Chris Woods.

Woods has a neat bio note—Jennifer Nettles’ mom was his middle school teacher. Woods performed in the afternoon, so I didn’t get to catch his act but I heard compliments about his music from others who were there. [I am currently waiting to receive a URL for his music page].

After Woods, the Crazy Daysies took the stage. This was a full band performance with Jennifer, Rebecca, Chris Sands (drums), and Wes Goode (bass guitar). Everyone had a great time and the crowd seemed to like that ‘swampy-tonk’ sound the Daysies make. [Article continues after photo.]

Crazy Daysies
The Crazy Daysies performed at the Wee Pub South 5th Anniversary celebration. (L to R) Wes Goode, Jennifer Day, Rebecca Day, and Chris Sands (drums).

The Jason Evans Band closed out the event, taking the stage at 10 p.m. Evans put in his dues in Nashville, taking the stage with Randy Travis and a number of other notables in country music. Like the Daysies, Evans has declined publishing contracts in order to do music the way he wants to. His band is meticulous when it comes to delivery, with a big sound and excellent instrumentation. [Article continues after photo.]

Jason Evans Band
The Jason Evans Band rocked the crowd at Wee Pub South’s 5th Anniversary Celebration in St. Mary’s, GA.

Unlike some male country vocalists, Evans can actually sing. So can his band mates. The band does a lot of gigs in the southeast, so if you can, catch one of their shows. You won’t be disappointed. They play a wide variety of tunes, not just traditional country, and they haven’t caved to the pop-cookie-cutter country populating some TV channels claiming to be country.

Evans’ band comprises Charley Bradley- Acoustic Guitar/ Harmony, Alan Price- Lead Guitar, Kevin Briscoe-Drums/Percussion, Caveman Bill- Bassist/Guitarist, and David Vanderver- Piano/ Keys.

guests at Wee Pub South
Guests enjoyed special tents set up for Wee Pub’s 5th Anniversary celebration. Others sat on the deck or stood around the roped off area.

I think Wee Pub must have been happy with the response to the event. A crowd stayed from afternoon to late evening, and weather cooperated by sending a steady breeze out to tamp down the heat and humidity. This pub is a true neighborhood pub, and that’s probably why, as I looked around at all the people talking and laughing, it seemed like a block party.

trucks at Wee Pub South
Wee Pub South’s celebration included some seriously enhanced trucks.

Wee Pub deserves accolades, not just for a great event, but for highlighting indie musicians at this special event. The guests enjoyed playing corn hole, eating great food, tossing back cold drinks, and looking at those seriously enhanced trucks.

Wes Goode
Wes Goode taking a break at Wee Pub South’s 5th Anniversary celebration. Goode plays lead or bass guitar and sometimes does vocal harmonies for the Crazy Daysies too. He is a multi-talented musician.

Small businesses like Wee Pub South are an asset to indie artists.

There’s also a Wee Pub North, in Brunswick, GA.

To stay on track with Jason Evans, check out the band’s website or Facebook page.

Learn more about the Crazy Daysies on their website or Facebook page.

(Band Mom/July 17, 2017)

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