Second Sundays got a rain reprieve in Springfield

crowd Second Sundays in Springfield
People began to take a listening spot as Second Sundays in Springfield got underway.

On Sunday, Rebecca was scheduled to open for Cain’t Never Could as part of festivities for Second Sundays in Springfield. We planned to go, but by late morning, our Mandarin community south of Jax was getting heavy showers and a light show. For a couple hours, it looked like the event at Klutho Park located north of Jacksonville wouldn’t be possible.

By 2 p.m., a reprieve was in progress courtesy of Mother Nature, and the event was a go-ahead. There was a bonus, too. 

puppies in Springfield
Puppies at Second Sundays in Springfield

The rain took the edge off Florida July heat.

We had a great time listening to the music, strolling around the park, and doing some shopping among the vendors there.

I met members of Cain’t Never Could before they took the big stage. I mean that literally. The stage is a large gazebo up on a hill—it’s a beautiful holdover from yesteryear. (Article continues after photo)

Cain't Never Could
Cain’t Never Could headlined Second Sundays in Springfield

The band is based in Jacksonville, and they describe their music as “Old Time American String Band.” The music was perfect for a summer day that benefited from the rain. The group delivers tunes that, if you have a single rhythmic bone in your body, will set your toes to tapping. The group is currently recording and making plans for an album release. They are very tight instrumentally, with some deft fiddling, plucking, and vocal harmonies.

Rebecca opened for the band solo, doing a mix of tunes that included my favorite “In the Pines” by Leadbelly. She did four or five originals; most of those will be included on the album coming out this fall.     (Article continues after photo)

Rebecca the crazy daysies
Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies
The Sweet Spot
A must if you visit vendors at Second Sundays, Jacksonville-based The Sweet Spot most definitely lives up to its name.

I snapped a lot of photos; I’m sharing some here. One takeaway from the vendors is the cookie I purchased from The Sweet Spot. I took a small bite and, in keeping with Proust, I was immediately transported back to my grandmother’s kitchen. The cookie tasted just like those my grandmother baked, and it even came in a small wax bag just like the ones she stored cookies in. Only because I really love my husband did I save him half that cookie. I gave the other two I bought to Rebecca. I also bought some jam and pickle mix there.

Melissa Roby Vine and Branch
Melissa Roby’s exhibit The Vine and the Branch featured bags, all sorts of jewelry, and other unique items at Second Sundays. She is shown here with her husband.

We had a great time at the park. Springfield sets a very good example of what a community can do to bring all sorts of folks together to enjoy themselves and each other.

We had to leave a bit early, though. The sky started getting pretty dark towards the area where we live, and we were pup-sitting a special fellow who freaks when it thunders. But we surely appreciated the reprieve that let us enjoy most of the afternoon.

For more about Second Sundays and also the annual Porch Fest, visit the official Facebook page.

In Florida, you can catch Cain’t Never Could here in Jacksonville on July 20 at Intuition Brewery and July 22 at Hoptinger in Riverside,  and in St. Augustine on July 28 at Hoptinger. Details are on the band’s Facebook page

Rebecca’s sidekick Jennifer just returned from the Bahamas, and the duo will be at Marion Street Deli and Pub in Lake City (FL) on July 13, at Wee Pub South in St. Mary’s (GA) on Saturday, July 15, and back in Jax at the beach on Sunday, July 16 at Ragtime Tavern. For the Wee Pub gig, a special event celebrating the pub’s 5th anniversary,  the Daysies’ full band will play. Learn more on the Daysies’ Facebook page. For the Wee Pub South event, the Jason Evans Band will take the stage at 10 pm.

(Band Mom/July 10, 2017)

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