Sturgill Simpson helped produce indie musician Childers’ new album ‘Purgatory’

Childers' album Purgatory
Tyler Childers’ album ‘Purgatory’ is due out in August.

Sturgill Simpson, the indie musician who took his brand to the level just about any musician would love to enjoy, helped produce a new album for indie musician Tyler Childers.

The album ‘Purgatory’ comprising 10 of Childers’ songs will be out in August, and the backstory is interesting. 

Childers’ Facebook page has a quirky post about ‘Purgatory’:

“After four years and three recording sessions…you can now see what Mr. Simpson, the fellers, and I cut live in David Ferguson’s Butcher Shoppe in two days.”

How did Simpson who is not exactly the type who goes looking for attention get involved in Childers’ music?

The site Saving Country Music has the full scoop, and it appears the process was organic.

Childers is conducting a busy tour this summer with appearances in the US and venues afar in Norway and the Netherlands. His website offers a glimpse of the inspiration behind his work:

“The album, co-produced by Grammy Award winners Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson, is a semiautobiographical sketch of Childers’ growth from wayward youth to happily married man, told in the tradition of a Southern gothic novel with a classic noir antihero who may just be irredeemable. Purgatory is a chiaroscuro painting with darkness framing light in high relief. There’s catharsis and redemption. Sin and temptation. Murder and deceit. Demons and angels. Moonshine and cocaine. So much moonshine and cocaine. All played out on the large, colorful canvas of Eastern Kentucky.”

Childers, like so many other musicians, was searching for “his sound.” It looks like he found it, and Simpson liked what he heard.

I like the title Childers chose. Sometimes for those of us who work in the arts, our work does seem to land itself in Purgatory. Personally, when I felt that way, something good often followed.

(KBD/June 28, 2017)


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