Jax Art exhibit explores myth, the elements, and legend

Leilani Leo
Jacksonville artist Leilani Leo

Jacksonville artist Leilani Leo will exhibit works in a special presentation at the Karpeles Library Manuscript Museum on Friday, July 14, from 5-8 p.m. Leo’s exhibit is titled All the Way Up: An Oil Portrait Series of Gods, Goddesses, the Elements, and Other Mythological Beings.

Leo explained she hopes to beckon “the viewer to peer deeper with renewed perspective musing…on the subject of heavenly legends.”

This won’t be one of those dry as a bone affairs. 

Instead, Leo said guests should “expect surprises and giveaways, costumes and fun.”

Leo is well known around Jacksonville for her unique take on subject matter. I have one of her paintings; my husband bought it for me for our anniversary. That painting inspired a poem about the subject, Marilyn Monroe. That wasn’t my first attempt at Ekphrasis—other painters whose work I’ve committed to poetry include Titian and an unknown artist who did a mind-bending sculpture of the Virgin Mary now housed in the art museum in Columbia, SC.

The poem I did about Leo’s ‘Marilyn’ was recently featured at Jayne Jaudon Ferrer’s Your Daily Poem.

Leo favors bold rich colors and her subjects present a sense of immediacy. In her ‘Marilyn,’ for example, the subject’s presence is so strong you almost feel like you can speak to her.

The Karpeles is a wonderful treasure for our city—it’s the largest private holding of original manuscripts and documents in the world. There’s even an original draft of the Bill of Rights at this institution.

Leilani Leo’s exhibit is one worth attending. The art will set you to imagining and the atmosphere will be anything but dull. She says there will be “notions, potions, and live entertainment.”

More info is available on the event page at Facebook.

(KBD/June 8, 2017)

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