Indie artists might find gold in August solar eclipse

eclipse photo NASA
“This 1991 photograph captures the brief moment of totality when the Sun’s faint corona is most easily observed. It is made up of several photographs from cameras with different settings that were later combined into one image. Credit: Steve Albers, Dennis di Cicco, ad Gary Emerson.”

[caption, photo from NASA]

In August the sun and moon will be stars of the day when the first total solar eclipse visible to the US  in 38 years occurs.

The total eclipse will be viewed by Americans from Oregon to South Carolina. Those of us in states like Florida will see a partial eclipse.

Is there gold in that eclipse for indie artists? 

SC welcome marker I 95 N
SC welcome marker on I 95 North. (Photo: IAS)


I just returned from a road trip to South Carolina. From the first stop we made on our 5-hour trip, I began to see all sorts of promotional announcements about the eclipse. South Carolina is savvy—the state seems to be going all out for visitors. That state will have prime viewing. In Florida, we’re close to that here in Jacksonville where we expect a 90 percent share of the sky show. But Florida is pretty quiet about the whole deal.

CBS News said this eclipse “may be the most viewed ever.”

ABC affiliate WLOS 13 (NC) lists some special events, including ticketed affairs like an event at a stadium in Charleston (SC).  One of my favorite places to visit in SC is the state museum in Columbia where events begin the Friday before the eclipse (18th) and run through the day of the eclipse.

During my visit, I quizzed folks in South Carolina and some say hotels in prime viewing areas are already sold out for the August 21 sky show.

How can this benefit indie artists?

There’s the obvious potential for inspiration based on a natural phenomenon. The temperature will drop in a manner similar to the difference between daytime and nighttime temps, according to NASA. The federal agency also says animals might “prepare for sleep” or act confused. In past times (and among some even today), total eclipses were often viewed as bad omens.

NASA offers tips on holding an eclipse party.

Besides inspiring creativity, the various events different towns are holding may present an opportunity for craftsmakers eager to sell wares. Some events may seek live music. Others may permit food trucks and displays.

So besides providing us a neat sky show, the eclipse may provide indie artists some opportunity. See what events are scheduled for your area and consider how you might capitalize on them.

(KBD/June 26, 2017)

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