Insurance adjuster’s self-pubbed book has enduring shelf life

Mark Goldwich at Mandarin Chili Fest
Goldwich 'Uncovered'
Goldwich’s ‘Uncovered’ helps consumers navigate the insurance claims process.

Some books are read and soon forgotten while others remain relevant for years.

The latter is the case for a book by Mandarin (Florida) public insurance adjuster Mark Goldwich.  Uncovered is the sort of book you’d want to keep on your shelf because ultimately, most of us will probably file at least one claim on our property in our lifetime.

I interviewed Goldwich for a major daily when his book was first released in 2007. If you’ve ever negotiated a claim with your insurance agency, you know the process can sometimes be confusing and complicated.

Goldwich’s book takes some of the pain out of the process, enabling you to have an idea what to expect if disaster strikes.

The book endures because it provides useful information most of us could benefit from. Goldwich recently signed copies at Jacksonville’s Book Fest. The adjuster has a background in insurance, having worked for one of the industry’s biggest players.

Goldwich explained why he wrote his book:

“Most people have no idea how insurance works, how insurance companies are able to do what they do, or why, and what can be done about it. That’s why I wrote this book.”

Goldwich self-published the book, and when he’s not conducting business as an adjuster, he can be found at local events in Mandarin, a community that’s part of the sprawling city of Jacksonville. Goldwich is active in charitable and other events benefiting his community.

Learn more about Goldwich’s Uncovered at Gold Star Adjusters.An excerpt from the article I wrote for the daily newspaper is archived online, but to read it in its entirety, a subscription is required. ( I receive no benefits if you do pay to read the article.)

(KBD/March 31, 2017)


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