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Jayne Jaudon Ferrer at an event with Mayhem Poets.
Jayne Jaudon Ferrer at an event with Mayhem Poets.

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer is a writer of many talents—best selling poet, novelist, and webmaster at the popular Your Daily Poem website.  YDP can help your day get off to a great start, for free. 

Ferrer had already established herself as a successful writer, with books out from traditional publishers. Poetry is her passion, and in the early 2000s, she began to do a ‘Poetry Parade’ for each day in April when National Poetry Month is celebrated. Ferrer had a knack for selecting poems for a diverse audience, including people who didn’t normally read or perhaps even like poetry.

On the YDP website, she recounted how the site began:

“Your Daily Poem was born when an insistent group of Poetry Parade subscribers declared thirty days of poetry was not enough. After much pleading, they coerced Jayne into making the Parade a daily, rather than yearly, event. Your Daily Poem launched in June 2009 with a single goal: to share the pleasure and diversity of poetry with those who are dubious of its value. Today YDP has thousands of subscribers and showcases work from poets all over the world.”

Some of the poems Ferrer publishes come from writers she knows personally; others are in the public domain or from writers whose work she discovers. The offerings vary in approach, language, and style, and they are never dull.

The YDP website also contains videos, links to poetry news, and resources as well as a ‘poetry store’.

Ferrer hails from upstate South Carolina, a beautiful part of the US where colors run wild every fall and snow can be counted on in winter. Learn more about her work at her website.

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Between her writing, public speaking, and family life, Ferrer somehow manages to find time for her labors of love at YDP. She told Indie Art South, “Every time I think, okay, this is taking waaaay too much time, someone submits a poem that I know my readers will love, or I get an email from someone who says that day’s poem was exactly what they needed, and I know I can’t quit yet. I love being able to bring something positive to someone’s day. And I love the YDP community that’s developed and how, despite the diversity of ages, ethnicities, and mindsets, we all enjoy and appreciate words used well.”


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