One critical protection for musicians and attendees at outdoor concerts

It was a classic yin and yang moment. We were standing in a park along with hundreds of others here in Florida. We’d come to hear music, grab a bite from one of the food trucks, and socialize. My husband walked over to me and asked, “You got any of those wipes you always carry in that thing?” 

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1943 photo movie theater San Augustine Texas

A new deal for movie-goers, but indie opportunity missed

AMC Theatres has come up with a new subscription offer for movie-goers. The deal offers perks for monthly subscribers, but what’s missing in all the coverage is the opportunity when it comes to indie films and other indie offerings. Subscriptions aren’t new—others have created similar offerings. Something else is missing from coverage of AMC’s announcement, though. And that missing info suggests the industry needs more than a budget-friendly deal for subscribers. 

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Gunboat Diplomats' Facebook page art.

Gunboat Diplomats get down to the bones with latest, “Original Sin”

I’m a sucker for lyrics, courtesy of my being a sucker for poetry. That’s one reason, I guess, the latest recording from Gunboat Diplomats, “Original Sin”, is still stuck in my head. GD, as I wrote in an earlier article, aren’t your typical gig group. They focus on recording, although members of the group do gigs on their own. When I tag one of them, it’s always first name ‘Gunboat’ followed by the musician’s real last name. “Original Sin” is part of their forthcoming album Manifest Destiny. You’re probably wondering why their latest lyrics stuck in my head. 

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CDs still staple for country fans; streaming services took note at CMA fest

A story at Billboard about a recent effort at CMA Fest in Nashville confirmed what we’d already learned. CDs are still a staple for country fans, and probably for indie fans as well. In an effort to up their share of the market, streaming services like Amazon, Spotify, and iHeart Radio took action and had a larger presence at this year’s Country Music Association event. Crunching numbers leads to some interesting insights.

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Aaron Lewis 'Sinner'

Aaron Lewis is all over the place as guitar contest commences

Aaron Lewis is often viewed by lovers of traditional country music as the real thing despite the fact he’s also widely known as lead vocalist for alt-metal band Staind. Lewis appears to be focusing right now on his solo career in country music, and he is literally all over the place, the place being the USA. Lewis also signed a special guitar slated for giveaway, and you can take your shot at winning it. 

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The Crazy Daysies Jennifer Day Thompson (left) and Rebecca Day (right) with their dad.

Did fathers get short shrift on designation of their special day?

Father’s Day is Sunday, and many of us will celebrate husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and uncles for the role they’ve played in our lives. In our house, it will be a pretty simple get-together with snacks, coffee, and gifts for our special man. When it comes to celebrating fathers, tho, their day got a bit of a short shrift on becoming official.  

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Music LinkUp graphic

MusicLinkUP touted as ‘LinkedIn of music world’

MusicLinkUp will debut on June 30, and the new networking site is being compared to LinkedIn, a site where professionals can connect with journalists and experts. MusicLinkUp bills itself as “creating economic opportunity for every member.” The aim seems to be to enable musicians to connect with those who provide services covering the gamut from graphic design to playlists and gigs. There isn’t an in-depth FAQ or ‘about’ section on the MusicLinkUp site, but it looks like this will be a resource for musicians who may need a publicist, booking agent, manager, PR firm, or other services. A pinned Tweet

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'Yellowstone', starring Kevin Costner,

Kevin Costner lights up new TV series as Paramount takes on competition

Paramount Network will take on competitors such as FX with new programming like the series Yellowstone starring film legend Kevin Costner. Costner stars in and served as a producer for the series. Paramount has had a long winding journey since its founding in the early 1980s as The Nashville Network, morphing from country music and Southern culture to WWE, Spike TV, and most recently to the series Waco. The latter was a recounting of the federal government’s disastrous raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in 1993. 

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The Crazy Daysies trio comprising Wes Good (left, guitars and vocals), Rebecca Day (guitar and vocals), and Jennifer Day Thompson (viola and vocals).

Catching up with the Crazy Daysies

 The Crazy Daysies are in perpetual motion these days, and it’s hard sometimes even for me to keep up. They peppered me with questions when they were young. Now it’s me bugging them about venues, gig times, and paperwork. Summer will be busy, and I’ve already advised them to stock up on bug repellant for outdoor gigs in the South. It’s not just the music that has them hopping though.

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Dennis Quaid in I can Only Imagine

‘I Can Only Imagine’ a must-see film for music lovers and musicians

I haven’t listened to a lot of contemporary Christian music, and until the song “I can Only Imagine” made its way into the mainstream, I wasn’t aware of the strength of that market. This weekend, I did something I rarely do—bought a digital copy of the film the song inspired. Even if you’re not Christian, you should see this film. Both music lovers and performers will learn a lot.

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