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MusicLinkUp makes me dizzy—in a good way

I have to say MusicLinkUp is a gold mine of information. I’d received notifications for several days, but because of a ridiculously busy schedule, I hadn’t had time to stroll around the site and see what’s happening. I took that time this morning, and frankly, the site made me dizzy. In a good way. 

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Jamey Johnson by geopungo

Jamey Johnson stood in line to get Willie to sign his guitar

Jamey Johnson bought his famous guitar “Ole Maple” shortly after he finished boot camp in the US Marine Corps at Parris Island (SC). Johnson said he walked into Bailey Brothers in Montgomery (AL) in 1995, and he said he played every guitar on the wall before making up his mind. Johnson’s guitar is famous among his fans, but what many of us didn’t know is what he did to get Willie Nelson to autograph it. 

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Paradise Outlaw 1

Paradise Outlaw: Michigan band lets their music “do the talking”

Listen to music by Paradise Outlaw, and you’ll immediately note the tight instrumentation, timbre of the vocals, and some ear-catching lyrics. An email from guitarist Kevin Langeland introduced me to this band, and as soon as I heard their track “Wastin’ the Day,” I was hooked. Why? 

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'Chappaquiddick' film poster

Kennedy curse: Chappaquiddick film leaves needling questions unresolved

Young Americans probably have no idea about the significance of events at Chappaquiddick, an island off the coast of Massachusetts, on July 18, 1969. Those of us old enough to remember the Camelot era dominated by both John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy know that on that date, US politics changed forever. Now a film has been made about events involving the late Ted Kennedy and a campaign worker, Mary Jo Kopechne. I came away from the film with echoes of the “Kennedy Curse” bouncing around in my head and yet another confirmation needling questions will never be resolved. 

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The Crazy Daysies on YouTube

Will US music be affected by EU’s Article 13 targeting sites like YouTube?

Who doesn’t listen to music by surfing videos at YouTube? Many of us love to stroll through pages and pages of links in hopes of finding a song or artist whose message touches our minds and hearts. Of late there’s been a lot of media coverage, primarily in the European Union, about passage of Article 13. If you’re a working musician or a fan, it’d be a good idea to learn more about this because although the EU Parliament didn’t pass the copyright law, the battle isn’t over, and US media do a lousy job covering matters of importance related

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Shay Marie music

Looking for live music or playing it? Check out your state’s trade groups

If you’re an independent musician, chances are you don’t have a manager working on all the small items that can lead to big things. If you’re a music lover interested in finding venues where live music is featured regularly, chances are you might not be sure how to find those venues. One resource for both musicians and their fans is their state’s trade group. For instance, Florida has a very active association that features a directory of live performances across one of the nation’s largest states and beyond. 

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Starz app for 'Power' snip

Leisure News: Sony, iHeartRadio, and Starz churn profits and potential

The entertainment sector seems to reinvent itself frequently as technology comes up with new ways to deliver content. Right now, Sony is sitting pretty, and in the radio sector, iHeartRadio reportedly has another potential buyer. As Sony resurrects a record label and iHeart courts suitors, something rather remarkable happened when viewers set a record of sorts in a non-TV way with a popular Starz TV show. The market is in flux, and that could mean good news for some artists and fans. 

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snip Drake 'God's Plan"

State of the stream: Right now, Drake owns it

Streaming continues to increase as technology provides more ways to listen to your favorite music. Right now, rapper Drake is king of the stream, and close behind him is another rapper whose video features Drake. While audience habits are tied to both age and aesthetics, there’s no doubt streaming is here to stay despite the disadvantages it can pose for indie artists who get a smaller share of the money. Still, whether you’re a consumer of music or a creator, it’s interesting to look at who’s on top of the streams and whether that potential applies across genres. 

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