Vietnam War. (Vets Helping Vets)

Memorial Day origins still debatable, but US honors war dead in unison

Societies have honored those who died in war dating to antiquity. In the US, we pay tribute on the last Monday in May. There is still an argument about who was the first to celebrate Memorial Day in the US, but there is unity in paying homage to those who’ve given their lives for country and flag. In the South when I was a young girl, I remember my grandmother buying artificial poppies from veterans collecting money for various causes on Memorial Day. Because the day was a holiday that demanded little in the way of celebration, everyone had their

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wedding 1840

After the royal wedding, notes on art, weddings and royals overlooked

I confess I didn’t watch the royal wedding. It wasn’t because I don’t like Prince Harry or his bride Meghan (Markle). It is because the concept of royalty offends the fervor in my DNA for liberty and equality. I did follow news, though, and some matters were overlooked. One of them is significant. It is because of royals that we now, in the US, consider white the official color for wedding dresses. 

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Out of Carolina: Sweet Sweet heads to North Florida

Surfing for good music is a daily duty for Indie Art South, and today I wasn’t disappointed. I found a great song by a duo from coastal South Carolina. Sweet Sweet will head to North Florida this weekend for a gig at a venue I’m fond of because I’ve had good times there listening to my daughters perform. The venue, The Green Turtle, is known for quality music and fun times. So what’s so special about Sweet Sweet? 

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St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City (Image by Alvesgaspar via Wikipedia)

Woman is forgotten hero in search for St. Peter’s tomb

First in reviews of recommended summer reads: The Fisherman’s Tomb (John O’Neill) John O’Neill, an attorney best known for his political writing, has penned a fascinating account of a secret mission undertaken by The Vatican. The mission’s modern seeds were sown in 1939 when a Christian grave was discovered beneath the Vatican. The surprise in that find is that the grave dated to pagan times when Christianity was oppressed by the Romans. Another surprise in the outcome of the search is that a woman, Margherita Guarducci, is largely responsible for its success. 

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orange raisin nut bread from Land O Lakes recipe

As summer looms, food for the road comes to mind

Summer is looming, and many of us will travel by car. Some of us connected to bands, or if we have family in distant states, already travel a lot by car. One thing I’ve learned as a veteran of I 95 and other routes is the fast food can really get old quick. Years ago I began to try to pack some easy fix food items for a couple reasons. 

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TV transmitter in 1930, via US Library of Congress. Original photo from Keystone View Company.

TV blight prevails, but at least Luther, Sunday Night Football are tops

I have trouble with TV. Right now, every time I hit a new channel, it’s all about the royal wedding, crime, or psycho chefs. There’s not much I can sit through these days. I have too many books lying around and they’re a lot more interesting. That said, I do have a few shows I like to watch. Two of the features I do watch are among the most popular shows in the US and the UK. 

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Bohemian Rhapsody trailer snip

After nearly a decade, Queen biopic set for release and a dustup

I have long been an admirer of Freddie Mercury and Queen. I put Mercury right up there with Elvis in terms of his impact on music. Who’d have ever thought a popular band could successfully stick opera smack in the middle of a pop song running about six minutes long? Now the long-awaited biopic of Mercury and his band Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, is set for release. There’s a dustup of course. And in the US, we’ll have to wait on the Brits and Aussies’ release before we see the film. 

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1956 Chevy

When cars were art: Trip brightened by ’56 Chevy

Over Mother’s Day weekend, we took a road trip north on I95 to see my mother. My husband laughs at my complaints about that highway. Traffic slowdowns. Crazy drivers. Monotonous landscape. Some terrible patches needing serious repair. Sometimes we hop off onto a secondary road just to get off 95 for a minute. So I was ecstatic to spot an immaculate ’56 Chevy when we stopped for gas. 

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Butterfly on plumbago Indie Art South

Band Mom: I never envisioned this phase of motherhood

It’s almost Mother’s Day, so naturally I find myself reflecting on my own journey helping to raise our children. Thanks are due to my husband who set a great example for our daughters. They’re both adults now, and having dealt with everything from teething to teen angst, I find myself in a phase of motherhood I truly never expected. I am Band Mom, and it’s been a doozy of a journey. 

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Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GA

Which love, country, hip-hop, and rock songs rule over time?

We’re constantly talking music at our house, and all of us eagerly look for new bands whose songs might have shelf life in our brains. That’s how I discovered The Dead South, a group I thought of when I saw a reader list “House of the Rising Sun” as a submission to the set list I’m building here. I did some searches, and what I came up with was a mixed bag of top songs from different critics. Some of the songs on these lists surprised me. Others, like “Hey, Jude,” just never made their way into my heart. 

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