Friday night in Fernandina Beach a cornucopia of music

Amelia Island is one of my family’s favorite places to go among the many places we enjoy here in Florida. The island’s historic charm blends with great places to shop, eat, and enjoy live music. This past Friday was no exception. We traveled up there to Fernandina Beach to hear live music at The Palace Saloon, but while we were there, we came across musicians performing in other venues. The first we encountered was Kevin Ski who was playing at The Salty Pelican where we’d gone to grab some supper.

Friday music: Live from Green Cove Springs to Fernandina Beach

Live music is one of North Florida’s best kept secrets, and this Friday there’s lots to choose from in the area where I live. One of my favorite bands is playing tonight in Fruit Cove, and one of my favorite wine bars in Green Cove Springs will rock to tunes by an accomplished musician. Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my roadie duties up in Fernandina.

Indies may benefit from CASE Act; most probably never heard of it

It’s happened to me and it may happen to you, regardless of the arts genre you work in. A few years ago, I did a lot of research on a piece of federal legislation. It took me hours to work my way through the obscure language, references to other bills, and other minutiae. I filed my article after a full day of work on it. A couple weeks later, I did a search, as I always do, to see if anyone else had written about the bill. Imagine my surprise when I saw my article, and photographs, copied and pasted

‘Indigenous’ author Reeser tapped for ‘Louisiana Poet Laureate Presents’ event

Poet and author Jennifer Reeser has been tapped by the Louisiana Book Festival to present her new book ‘Indigenous’ during ‘The Louisiana Poet Laureate Presents’ event. Reeser will be there on November 2 for the event in the state capitol complex in Baton Rouge. Approximately 24,000 people are expected to attend.

Swift blowup: Scooter Brown backlash case of mistaken identity

Pop star Taylor Swift’s recent blowup over the sale of the label her first albums belong to made national headlines. Swift held nothing back in complaining about the label sale although she’s now worth hundreds of millions of dollars partly because of that label. Swift targeted Scooter Braun, the man at the helm of the purchase of her label, for allegedly bullying her, among other reasons. Rising country star Scooter Brown had no idea what would come at him as a result of mistaken identity.

On US Independence Day, praise Mr. Smith who didn’t go to Washington

July 4 is a big day in our family because it’s a holiday bringing us together to enjoy the outdoors, grill some great food, and pop off fireworks. We do all this, and we say a blessing of thanks for the country we live in. When I think of gratitude, I’m not thinking of gratitude to the government. I think of gratitude to everyday Americans who make this country what it is. On this July 4, I’m thinking of a non-celebrity hero who took it upon himself to help others, and it had nothing to do with a government mandate

Musician Jason Eady has perfect response to Taylor Swift’s anger over label sale

Yesterday I did a column about Taylor Swift’s reaction to Ithaca Holdings’ acquisition of the record label that made Taylor Swift a great deal of money. Swift was definitely not happy to see Big Machine Label Group acquired by Ithaca. Swift doesn’t have control over the masters to a number of albums that took her from country star to pop tart. Eady, who is an indie musician from Texas, gave his take and it’s very similar to what I’ve told my daughters since they decided to do music fulltime.

Taylor Swift freaks over label deal, warns aspiring musicians

Pop star Taylor Swift is freaking over a deal Big Machine Label Group made with pop media superpower Ithaca Holdings. Media are reporting Ithaca, whose chairman is Scooter Braun, acquired BMLG for more than $300 million.  After Swift placed a critical post on her Tumblr page, BMLG founder Scott Borchetta fired back in a post of his own at the BMLG website. Lessons are here, and aspiring musicians should take note.

Florida weekend: Live music all around the Sunshine State

Florida is known for sunshine, but it should also be known for music. On any given day or night, you can find live music in every nook and cranny in the nation’s third largest state. Coming up on the last weekend in June are many live performances spanning all types of music. Heading to Ft. Lauderdale? Like pop?

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