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To Tweet or Not? Now you can say more

Image of bird on crepe myrtle (Indie Art South)

Image of bird on crepe myrtle (Indie Art South)

Twitter, a social media platform heavy on sports, politics, and entertainment, finally caved to the often expressed request for more than 140 characters in a post.

Now that the option has expanded, questions arise.

Is it worth your time as an indie artist to use Twitter?

Will Tweeting help bring people out to your gig, or to purchase your crafts?

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Final touches done, Crazy Daysies set to celebrate album release

Rebecca Day Jennifer Day Thompson The Crazy Daysies

Rebecca Day (left) and Jennifer Day Thompson will celebrate the release of their first album CD at Ragtime Tavern on Nov. 4. (Photo: The Crazy Daysies)

I decided doing an album release party is sort of like planning a wedding, complete with last minute surprises and worries about getting everything done.  Continue reading

As fifth Facebook Live show approaches, surprises for the Daysies

Daysies Live Facebook

Each week, the Daysies announce the show on Facebook.

The Crazy Daysies will air their fifth Facebook Live show today at 6 p.m. When the girls started doing this weekly show, none of us had any idea how it would be received.

Now we do, and it looks like this weekly show will continue to air on Thursdays, with times potentially adjusted because of their gig schedule.

There have been surprises aplenty as a result of the show.   Continue reading

Booked and ready to gig, but short on creative time?


Rainbow after the storm; photo IAS.

If you do music fulltime, you already have an idea of the challenges. Unless you have a team of helpers, you’re where the buck stops.

You do the promoting. And the booking. And the contract bids. And equipment maintenance. Press inquiries. Booking agency contacts. Taxes. Practices, and whatever else demands attention.

Amid all that, where is the creative time?  Continue reading

CD Baby conference a definite plus for indies

Tootsies Nashville

No trip to Nashville is complete without a trip to Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The CD Baby conference was about 2 blocks away.

The Daysie team returned from Nashville late last night and to say the CD Baby DIY Conference inspired them is an understatement. If anything, the feedback I’ve heard confirms what I’ve been writing about on this site.  Continue reading

If you’re ignoring Billboard, you’re shorting yourself

Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GA

Photo of stage at Cream of the Crop/Thomasville, GA. (Indie Art South)

As the Daysies get closer to finishing their first full-length album, I’m getting closer to a basic education in Music Biz 101. I’ve learned a lot, and I came to one conclusion that is absolute.

If you’re an indie musician ignoring the opportunities in Billboard, you’re shorting yourself.

Until now, for instance, I didn’t realize Billboard has a chart for up and comers, the new artist Heatseekers chart. Criteria for ranking isn’t out of reach for indie musicians.

Another must-site for indies, CDBaby, hosts the DIY Musician Blog. An entry there is required reading.  Continue reading