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Will Trump’s EO on health insurance bill help artists?

blood pressure cuff CDCTypical rhetoric is coming from the Left and the Right today as President Donald Trump announces changes to regulations in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare.

Rhetoric aside, many who are self-employed may be wondering whether the changes will help them. What changes will be made and how will they impact you?

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CD Baby conference a definite plus for indies

Tootsies Nashville

No trip to Nashville is complete without a trip to Tootsies Orchid Lounge. The CD Baby conference was about 2 blocks away.

The Daysie team returned from Nashville late last night and to say the CD Baby DIY Conference inspired them is an understatement. If anything, the feedback I’ve heard confirms what I’ve been writing about on this site.  Continue reading

If you’re ignoring Billboard, you’re shorting yourself

Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GA

Photo of stage at Cream of the Crop/Thomasville, GA. (Indie Art South)

As the Daysies get closer to finishing their first full-length album, I’m getting closer to a basic education in Music Biz 101. I’ve learned a lot, and I came to one conclusion that is absolute.

If you’re an indie musician ignoring the opportunities in Billboard, you’re shorting yourself.

Until now, for instance, I didn’t realize Billboard has a chart for up and comers, the new artist Heatseekers chart. Criteria for ranking isn’t out of reach for indie musicians.

Another must-site for indies, CDBaby, hosts the DIY Musician Blog. An entry there is required reading.  Continue reading

CD Baby conference has plenty in store for indie musicians

2017 conference notice CD Baby

Snip/Conference notice from CD Baby (via

CD Baby hosts the company’s third annual conference August 25-27 in Nashville. There’s plenty in store for indie musicians hoping to increase their earnings from music. Are you getting all the revenue you can?  Continue reading

Indie artists might find gold in August solar eclipse

eclipse photo NASA

“This 1991 photograph captures the brief moment of totality when the Sun’s faint corona is most easily observed. It is made up of several photographs from cameras with different settings that were later combined into one image. Credit: Steve Albers, Dennis di Cicco, ad Gary Emerson.”

[caption, photo from NASA]

In August the sun and moon will be stars of the day when the first total solar eclipse visible to the US  in 38 years occurs.

The total eclipse will be viewed by Americans from Oregon to South Carolina. Those of us in states like Florida will see a partial eclipse.

Is there gold in that eclipse for indie artists?  Continue reading

Band Mom: Hoby’s features indie crafts alongside popular honey and other wares

handcrafted jewelry Hoby's

Handcrafted jewelry at very reasonable prices at Hoby’s.

In the Mandarin community in Jacksonville (FL), Hoby’s Honey and General Store is a destination for many of us seeking honey, canned products like pickles and jalapenos, and other locally produced wares. Besides the quality of the products, the fact they’re unique is icing on the cake. There’s more to Hoby’s than things to eat, though. Continue reading

What’s ahead in indie country and Americana?

Dylan St. Lawrence U Yearbook 1964

Few musicians have had an effect on music as profound as Bob Dylan. Shown here in 1964. (Via Wikipedia: 1964 Yearbook, St. Lawrence University)

Corporate country has pretty much gone cookie cutter, with musical offerings sounding as much like pop as country. Americana remains a hybrid, but that label gives an artist plenty of wiggle room.

What’s ahead for indie country and Americana, two genres often appearing to be joined at the hip?

Look at two trendsetters—both of them have indie in their past, and both are currently dominating the charts and awards circuit.
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How can artists and craftsmakers deal with Florida wildfire smoke at outdoor events?

crafstmakers at festival

Craftsmakers at festivals know what it’s like to contend with weather. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Is there anything more inspiring to an artist than a beautiful Florida day? Despite a long run of fair weather, quite a few of us find ourselves with a bit of cabin fever these days. Why?

Wildland fires. What can you do if you’re trying to perform as smoke wafts across the stage?  Continue reading

The needy artist: Equipment and wares

gig equipment

Photo of gig equipment/Indie Art South

I have memories of doing book tours, and some of those memories aren’t the stuff sweet dreams are made of.  Even though I had a traditional publisher, if I was speaking at a small event, it was up to me to transport books, bio materials, and any other handouts related to my work.

I quickly learned the importance of transport, a matter I’d never thought about as a budding writer. Continue reading

KB Day portfolio samples. My early goals included writing books and being included in anthologies.

Indie artists: Do you have a written plan?

When I was in college, I took a job with a successful businessman. I worked for him for years, until I got a job in media. I often joked I should have paid him for an education instead of the university I went to.

I learned many things from him, but one of the most valuable was also one of the simplest.  Continue reading