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Shovels and Rope’s ‘Botched Execution’ a mind-blowing composition

Snip from Shovels and Rope album cover for 'Little Seeds'.

Snip from Shovels and Rope album cover for ‘Little Seeds’.

My family discovered Shovels and Rope a few years ago, and we’ve been fans ever since. Springing forth from Charleston, SC, this duo brings a uniqueness to music we don’t see a lot these days.

The band is often billed as ‘indie folk’ or ‘Americana’. But what they really are: two who are one of a kind. Continue reading

Bella Donna Project lights up 1904 Music Hall, a gem in downtown Jax

Bella Donna Project

The Bella Donna Project delivered a tribute to Stevie Nicks in a performance worthy of the ‘goddess of rock’.

When the Bella Donna Project took the stage at 1904 Music Hall in downtown Jacksonville on Friday, some things were apparent immediately.  Continue reading

Add Island Hopper Fest, songwriter contest to list of great Florida music events

Island Hopper Fest image

Island Hopper Fest image from Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel (video snip)

Florida is one of the nation’s largest states and we’re a popular tourist destination, so it’s no surprise we have a lot of music going on. Add Island Hopper Fest to the mix of great music events in the Sunshine State.

This is only the fourth year for the festival, but it looks like it will have a long shelf life. Performers will be featured at venues including Captiva Island, Downtown Fort Myers, and Fort Myers Beach September 22-October 1.

There’s a contest for aspiring songwriter-performers who can vie for a chance to perform.  Continue reading

Indie Art South: First ever concert ticket contest

Bella Donna Project Stevie Nicks

Bella Donna Project brings a musical tribute to Stevie Nicks to Jacksonville on Sept. 1.


After talking to some people over the weekend, I am adding another option for entering the contest.

Note changes to the article below. I added this option because some people were concerned about using their real names on a public forum. So now there are two easy ways to enter to win two tickets to the Bella Donna Project tribute concert to Stevie Nix.

Indie Art South is still very new, so to get some additional friendships going, we decided to host a ticket giveaway.   Continue reading

‘Most viewed independent band in the world’: Boyce Avenue hails from Florida

Boyce Avenue photo via Wikipedia; Andy Rennie

Boyce Avenue photo via Wikipedia; Andy Rennie

Defying traditional means of building a music community, Boyce Avenue legitimately casts the band as “the most viewed independent band in the world.” How can they claim that title?  Continue reading

Summer treat: Northeast Florida Conservatory serves up “not your granny’s” Oz

poster Hamlin's Wizard of Oz 1903

According to the US Library of Congress, this poster was produced in 1903 for Fred R. Hamlin’s musical extravaganza, The Wizard of Oz.

In my email I received a note from a fellow who normally does accounting, but has another interest too. My tax guy wrote to let me know he’ll appear in an upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz.

The show is being produced by the Northeast Florida Conservatory, a nonprofit arts group in Jacksonville.  Continue reading

Band Mom: Albums, gigs, and bands I’ve discovered

SC welcome marker I 95 N

SC welcome marker on I 95 North. (Photo: IAS)

Because of scheduling, I’ve been on the road a lot with the Crazy Daysies, but I have an announcement to make.

It’s official now—the Daysies’ first full length album will be released this fall. Rebecca is working on pinning down the exact release date and venue. We should have those details soon. There’s a mile-long to-do list. Continue reading

No gigs, but for Gunboat Diplomats artists, variety is ‘spice of music’

Standup Guy graphic Gunboat Diplomats

Graphic presentation for ‘Standup Guy’, one of the songs on Gunboat Diplomats’ album ‘Fine State of Affairs’.

Most musicians rely on gigs to survive a tough market, but one band is charting a different path in order to get their music out. The Gunboat Diplomats band based in Jacksonville Beach, FL, has embraced the tech model, foregoing gigging to focus solely on recording.

Targeting radio stations at home and abroad, the band is made up of individuals who, according to spokesperson ‘Gunboat Smith’, “met through the music” and ended up becoming friends. An air of mystery surrounds the band, complete with retro graphics and a name suggesting the group is determined to break the hold prefab pop titans have on US culture.

Smith agreed to an interview by email as the band begins work on their next project. In keeping with their name, the new project is titled ‘Manifest Destiny.’  Continue reading

Bella Donna Project brings ‘goddess of rock’ tribute to Jax

Bella Donna Project

The Bella Donna Project comes to Jax for a Stevie Nicks tribute on Sept. 1.

Stevie Nicks needs no introduction; her music is part of the American cultural experience. Jacksonville will be re-introduced to Nicks’ music live when the Bella Donna Project takes the stage at 1904 Music Hall on September 1.  Continue reading

Belated birthday hat tip to legendary bluesman Robert Johnson

Gibson Robert Johnson L-1

Gibson Guitars paid homage to Johnson with the release of the Robert Johnson L-1. (Via Wikipedia/Sebby 123)

Ditties written for pop culture of the moment may not last, but real art lasts forever. When it comes to legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, his music definitely lasted.

Johnson’s birthday was May 8, so this brief is a hat tip to his talent. The guitarist was born May 8, 1911. He lived to be only 27 years old, dying in 1938. His story is one like so many others of his era—born in humble circumstances, managing to rise above them with his talent, but dying too young.

Mystery surrounds his life and his death. Continue reading