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Did Sturgill Simpson take his Facebook Live CMA protest show down?

Facebook posts on Sturgill Simpson protest CMA

As the CMA Awards show commenced, media focused attention on Sturgill Simpson’s protest broadcast via Facebook Live. (Snip/Facebook)

[This article has been updated below.]

Sturgill Simpson has been on my radar for quite some time, and I noted his protest of the Country Music Association’s Awards show last Tuesday, November 7. I didn’t get to watch the live show he did on Facebook, outside the arena where the CMA Awards were taking place.

So imagine my surprise when I tried to watch the live video today. I couldn’t find it.

Did he take it down? Continue reading

Mary J. Blige concert a bridge across the river ‘Turmoil’

Jen Day ThompsonBy Jennifer Day Thompson

I tend to avoid news sites. I even find myself staying away from social media some days. For a self-employed musician, social connections and engagement are everything. But every time I peruse Facebook or watch a local news broadcast, I’m bombarded with messages of hate and tragedy. I don’t report to an office each day.

My office is across the hall from my daughter’s bedroom. I may spend 3-4 days at home, working on music as I’m able while raising a two-year-old. When the end of the week arrives and our gig schedule kicks in, I venture out to towns in the  Southeast to make new friends and see old ones at our shows.  Continue reading

Indie artist Tyler Childers’ album off to rollicking start

Childers' album Purgatory

Tyler Childers’ album ‘Purgatory’ is due out in August.

In June I wrote about indie music artist Tyler Childers’ new album Purgatory.

Childers’ album has just been released, and he must be smiling. Sturgill Simpson, who helped produce it, is probably smiling as well.

It’s been a long haul for this country artist who did gigs in a couple of states before seeing the kind of success most indie artists would like to have.

The fact he’s an independent makes the story even sweeter.

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If you’re ignoring Billboard, you’re shorting yourself

Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GA

Photo of stage at Cream of the Crop/Thomasville, GA. (Indie Art South)

As the Daysies get closer to finishing their first full-length album, I’m getting closer to a basic education in Music Biz 101. I’ve learned a lot, and I came to one conclusion that is absolute.

If you’re an indie musician ignoring the opportunities in Billboard, you’re shorting yourself.

Until now, for instance, I didn’t realize Billboard has a chart for up and comers, the new artist Heatseekers chart. Criteria for ranking isn’t out of reach for indie musicians.

Another must-site for indies, CDBaby, hosts the DIY Musician Blog. An entry there is required reading.  Continue reading

‘Most viewed independent band in the world’: Boyce Avenue hails from Florida

Boyce Avenue photo via Wikipedia; Andy Rennie

Boyce Avenue photo via Wikipedia; Andy Rennie

Defying traditional means of building a music community, Boyce Avenue legitimately casts the band as “the most viewed independent band in the world.” How can they claim that title?  Continue reading

Sturgill Simpson helped produce indie musician Childers’ new album ‘Purgatory’

Childers' album Purgatory

Tyler Childers’ album ‘Purgatory’ is due out in August.

Sturgill Simpson, the indie musician who took his brand to the level just about any musician would love to enjoy, helped produce a new album for indie musician Tyler Childers.

The album ‘Purgatory’ comprising 10 of Childers’ songs will be out in August, and the backstory is interesting.  Continue reading

CMT Awards: Trucks shines amid gala short on ‘country’

Tedeschi Trucks

Tedeschi Trucks Band from Facebook (

When it comes to country music, CMT was a trailblazer because it was the first channel airing country music videos as primary content. CMT has moved past that model, and nowhere was that in evidence more than last night at the channel’s annual awards show.  Continue reading

Songwriter Naomi Martin passes, serves as inspiration to others

Naomi Martin Yonts

Naomi Martin Yonts (Photo from

Songwriter Naomi Martin Yonts passed away on May 31 after a career that spanned decades in country music. Martin, like many talented songwriters,  isn’t a household word, but her songs were known and loved by many fans of traditional country music. Martin wasn’t a flash in the pan celebrity, though.  Continue reading

Headliner concerts may go with shorter sets, more special effects

Community First Seawalk Music Festival

Attendees arrived early for the Community First Seawalk Music Festival at Jacksonville Beach. Organizers presented a mix of indie and well known bands. Josh Turner closed out the concert. (Photo: Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies)

Recently I heard criticism from some folks who’d attended an outdoor concert here in Jacksonville. Our weather was iffy. The concert featuring a long list of established performers had to be briefly evacuated because of weather. And because that meant lost time, the top performers my friends had gone to see didn’t take the stage anywhere near on time.

Have you had a bad ‘big concert’ experience?  Continue reading

Cara Burky Blue Jay Listening Room

Cara Burky, a musician, has come up with a novel idea for musicians and their supporters by founding Blue Jay Listening Room. (snip: Video bluejayjax at Kickstarter)

Creatives are most definitely what I’ve come to call “thinkative” people. We come up with all manner of ideas, but as with everything else in life, the value is in the doing.

Jacksonville Beach currently has a thinkative musician implementing a sensational idea. With just a little bit of help, this pioneer’s dream can become a reality and our community will benefit too. Continue reading