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Did Sturgill Simpson take his Facebook Live CMA protest show down?

Facebook posts on Sturgill Simpson protest CMA

As the CMA Awards show commenced, media focused attention on Sturgill Simpson’s protest broadcast via Facebook Live. (Snip/Facebook)

[This article has been updated below.]

Sturgill Simpson has been on my radar for quite some time, and I noted his protest of the Country Music Association’s Awards show last Tuesday, November 7. I didn’t get to watch the live show he did on Facebook, outside the arena where the CMA Awards were taking place.

So imagine my surprise when I tried to watch the live video today. I couldn’t find it.

Did he take it down? Continue reading

Tribute to veterans includes Nashville songwriter Rob Crosby’s prayer for peace

US government photo/Vietnam Era.

US government photo/Vietnam Era.

The Crazy Daysies chose to dedicate their weekly show on Thursday to America’s veterans. Among the songs they performed is a tune by Rob Crosby, “‘Til the Last Shot’s Fired.”

There’s a small bit of personal history for our family with Crosby, but there’s also a lot of history related to Veterans Day. Continue reading

For the music world, Monday was a tragic day

Tom Petty pic by David W. Baker

Photo of Tom Petty by David W. Baker (via Wikipedia)

Monday, October 2, held enough misery to last a lifetime for music enthusiasts.

Americans woke up to news of horrific mass murders committed in Las Vegas as thousands converged at the Route 91 Harvest Festival to hear country music star Jason Aldean.

Roughly 28 minutes into the show on Sunday evening, the shooting started.

Shortly before midnight, the shooting ended with the presumed murderer’s death. Within approximately a two-hour span, hundreds had been injured, many of them fatally.

Thus far, we know very little about the shooter or his motive.

By Monday afternoon, reports about Tom Petty’s health began to come out. Bad news followed bad news. Continue reading

Take heart, indie artists: As Irma approaches, ‘happy’ music may aid coping

rainbow before Irma

As Hurricane Irma churned towards Florida, a brief rain delivered another rainbow. (Photo IAS)

It’s almost impossible to think creatively right now because those of us who live in Florida are facing a very angry Irma rolling her way towards the south end of the Sunshine State. As I multi-tasked this morning in an attempt to get things squared away, I came across an interesting article related to my current quandary.  Continue reading

Double feature: Sturgill Simpson teams up with Fantastic Negrito

album cover Last Days of Oakland

‘The Last Days of Oakland’ Album cover from Fantastic Negrito website.

Sturgill Simpson’s indie music has catapulted him to the top of the mountain, but he hasn’t confined himself to his own efforts. Simpson co-produced Tyler Childer’s album Purgatory now ranked near the top of the Country Billboard charts.

Now some of Simpson’s shows will comprise a double feature—the music of Fantastic Negrito. If you haven’t heard this guy, and if you like raw blues, you are missing out on a phenomenal talent.   Continue reading

Indie artist Tyler Childers’ album off to rollicking start

Childers' album Purgatory

Tyler Childers’ album ‘Purgatory’ is due out in August.

In June I wrote about indie music artist Tyler Childers’ new album Purgatory.

Childers’ album has just been released, and he must be smiling. Sturgill Simpson, who helped produce it, is probably smiling as well.

It’s been a long haul for this country artist who did gigs in a couple of states before seeing the kind of success most indie artists would like to have.

The fact he’s an independent makes the story even sweeter.

Continue reading

Radio stations give Lewis short shrift, but looks like he doesn’t care

Aaron Lewis 'Sinner'

Aaron Lewis recently released his album ‘Sinner’.

Traditional radio stations were once the heart of country music, but now, as I’ve written before, you’re likely to hear tunes that come off as pop more than country.

Critics abound, and one of the most vocal inside the music business is Aaron Lewis.

Lewis earned his stripes playing a different kind of music, alternative rock, with the band Staind. Leaving that genre for country led some of his previous fans to criticize him on social media because he wasn’t born in the South, the region many associate with country music.

Continue reading

Should there be an aesthetic standard for country music duos?

Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash 1969

Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash by Joel Baldwin, 1969. US Library of Congress; gift from Cowles Communications (Look Magazine)

I enjoy reading at the site Saving Country Music, and I came across an article today that set me thinking. The article is about a couple who make music together, and the writer opined:

“Somewhere, the spirit of the country music duo got lost. This isn’t just about the conjoining of two voices. It’s about the mixing of two perspectives on the same theme, telling a story from two angles, making the yearning in the heart that much more aching by adding two sob stories, or uplifting joy that is magnified that much more because it’s shared with someone else.”

This sounded reasonable to me at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I questioned it. Continue reading

Indie artist Jamey Johnson has dustup at HOB, but fans support him after show canceled

Jamey Johnson at Grand Ole Opry

Johnson performed at the Grand Ole Opry on his birthday. (Snip: Jamey Johnson on Facebook)

Country music front man Jamey Johnson and his band got into a dustup at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC, causing his performance there to be canceled. Fans were angry, the House of Blues was fuzzy on details, and media spread a few allegations that turned out to be untrue.  Continue reading

Wee Pub South highlights indie music, trucks, and 5th anniversary

Wee Pub South guests

Guests at Wee Pub South’s 5th Anniversary.

Wee Pub South celebrated the pub’s 5th anniversary in St. Mary’s (GA) on Saturday, highlighting indie music, trucks, and a parking lot party that felt like a block party. Fun was the only agenda in sight, with bands filling the night with music as guests played corn hole right below the stage. Besides that, those interesting trucks were on display, hoods up, for enthusiasts to admire engines and the ‘which-its’ that run them. Continue reading