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Whale of a festival on behalf of endangered Right Whales

Right Whale Festival poster

Official poster for 2017 Right Whale Festival

There’s a whale of a festival scheduled for Sunday at Jacksonville Beach, and it’s dedicated to protecting the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

I first learned about these majestic creatures from the regional publisher who brought out two of my books. He also published a book about these whales, and he was very dedicated to their cause.

When we say this whale is endangered, what does that mean in terms of numbers?  Continue reading

Indie artists in Florida may celebrate results of Yelp study

Jax Seawalk Pavilion

Festivals and special events in Jacksonville and other Florida cities are a blessing to indie artists. (Seawalk Pavilion opener/Day on the Day)

If you’ve ever looked for reviews of businesses, chances are you’ve come across Yelp, a website enabling the public to post reviews. It’s a popular site, and naturally a great deal of data can be mined from those reviews.

That’s probably one reason Yelp now publishes a report titled “Yelp Economic Outlook.” Results of this year’s report may lead indie artists to celebrate if they live in the Sunshine State.  Continue reading

Big music lineup for Jax Bar-B-Que Fest at The Landing

Jason Evans Band

The Jason Evans Band rocked the crowd at Wee Pub South’s 5th Anniversary Celebration in St. Mary’s, GA.

Barbecue lovers will head to Jacksonville Landing Nov. 3-5 and they’ll be getting far more than a great meal. Eight bands, a number of them with professional experience, will perform during the three day event.

A contest, drink specials, and activities for children will be part of the offerings, and a charity for veterans will benefit from festival support.

I haven’t heard all the bands who will perform, but I have heard some of them.  Continue reading

For the music world, Monday was a tragic day

Tom Petty pic by David W. Baker

Photo of Tom Petty by David W. Baker (via Wikipedia)

Monday, October 2, held enough misery to last a lifetime for music enthusiasts.

Americans woke up to news of horrific mass murders committed in Las Vegas as thousands converged at the Route 91 Harvest Festival to hear country music star Jason Aldean.

Roughly 28 minutes into the show on Sunday evening, the shooting started.

Shortly before midnight, the shooting ended with the presumed murderer’s death. Within approximately a two-hour span, hundreds had been injured, many of them fatally.

Thus far, we know very little about the shooter or his motive.

By Monday afternoon, reports about Tom Petty’s health began to come out. Bad news followed bad news. Continue reading

Add Island Hopper Fest, songwriter contest to list of great Florida music events

Island Hopper Fest image

Island Hopper Fest image from Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel (video snip)

Florida is one of the nation’s largest states and we’re a popular tourist destination, so it’s no surprise we have a lot of music going on. Add Island Hopper Fest to the mix of great music events in the Sunshine State.

This is only the fourth year for the festival, but it looks like it will have a long shelf life. Performers will be featured at venues including Captiva Island, Downtown Fort Myers, and Fort Myers Beach September 22-October 1.

There’s a contest for aspiring songwriter-performers who can vie for a chance to perform.  Continue reading

Key West Songwriters Festival to feature more than 200 performers

Key West Songwriters Festival

Snip/Key West Songwriters Festival

The Key West Songwriters Festival will feature more than 200 performers and untold numbers of music fans who will converge on the island May 9-13, 2018.

The performers are selected by organizations like BMI, so there’s a selection process that may take some time.  Continue reading

Band Mom: Hat tip to organizers and volunteers at Blue Crab Festival

Palatka 2017 Blue Crab Festival

Palatka’s annual Blue Crab Festival featured lots of crafts, food, and bands.

Palatka’s Blue Crab Festival over Memorial Day weekend drew lots of people to the small town known for festivals, views of the mighty St. John’s River, and hospitality. That last was obvious as soon as we arrived to hear the Crazy Daysies and other bands scheduled for Saturday.  Continue reading

Band Mom: Heading to our first ever Blue Crab Festival

Blue Crab Festival banner

Promo banner for Blue Crab Festival. (via Facebook)

Today the Blue Crab Festival in Palatka kicks off its 29th annual event with live music, just about any kind of seafood you’d want, and arts and crafts vendors. There will be carnival rides and games. There’s even an adopt-a-duck event.  What’s not to like?  Continue reading

Headliner concerts may go with shorter sets, more special effects

Community First Seawalk Music Festival

Attendees arrived early for the Community First Seawalk Music Festival at Jacksonville Beach. Organizers presented a mix of indie and well known bands. Josh Turner closed out the concert. (Photo: Rebecca Day/The Crazy Daysies)

Recently I heard criticism from some folks who’d attended an outdoor concert here in Jacksonville. Our weather was iffy. The concert featuring a long list of established performers had to be briefly evacuated because of weather. And because that meant lost time, the top performers my friends had gone to see didn’t take the stage anywhere near on time.

Have you had a bad ‘big concert’ experience?  Continue reading

How can artists and craftsmakers deal with Florida wildfire smoke at outdoor events?

crafstmakers at festival

Craftsmakers at festivals know what it’s like to contend with weather. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Is there anything more inspiring to an artist than a beautiful Florida day? Despite a long run of fair weather, quite a few of us find ourselves with a bit of cabin fever these days. Why?

Wildland fires. What can you do if you’re trying to perform as smoke wafts across the stage?  Continue reading