About Indie Art South

Fernandina Chili Festival; Amelia Island
Fernandina Chili Festival; Amelia Island

Indie Art South aims to create a forum for grassroots artists in various genres throughout the southern US. Site creators hope to build an organic movement to provide different cultural options for those who may be bored with the status quo in the corporate entertainment and arts sector.

Until my daughters began performing as musicians, I had no idea how many talented artists lived in the southern United States. During the last couple years as they played festivals, corporate events, venues like restaurants and bars, and private events, I’ve often been astounded at the richness of our culture.

This culture is distinctly separate from what I call the pop-industrial complex churning out cookie cutter products for mass consumption. I thought about doing an arts site in hopes of getting more exposure for the unique works I encountered and the remarkable talents producing them, but I had a hard time finding the time.

Then came a moment of reckoning.

I was shopping in a department store, and it wasn’t very busy. I guess that’s why the music was louder than normal. I heard three or four pop songs—they all sounded more or less alike. Then I heard a song that’s been played so many times when I hear it, the effect is like chalk screeching its way across a board.

I stood there in the store and told myself that as soon as I got back to my office, I would create a new website.

This is the product of that moment and all the moments before it.

I’ve met incredibly talented songwriters, instrumentalists, and performers. I’ve seen and purchased paintings whose creators deserve an exhibit. I’ve purchased handcrafted candle holders, jewelry, and self-published books. From sculpture to photographs, I’ve encountered art in every genre springing up at the grassroots level in true organic mode.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about these artists and events, and maybe you’ll be inspired by what you read, hear, and see here.

We will continue to expand the site, so check frequently for new stories and new opportunities for artists.

We welcome story tips and information about artists you admire. Please use the contact form on this website to send us a tip or for information about submitting your news release or info about your next event or project.


Kay B. Day (full bio at this link) /Nov. 29, 2016