Jax musician enhances holiday spirit at Winn-Dixie

Jacksonville musician Oleta Riggs

Jacksonville musician Oleta Riggs sang tunes at a special event at Winn-Dixie in Mandarin on Thursday. (Photo: Indie Art South)

The Winn-Dixie in Mandarin had special events all around on Thursday. Mr. Peanut came to visit, arriving in the Peanut-Mobile. A vendor was cooking sausages, handing them out free to customers (bun included).

As all this commenced outside on the breezeway, Jacksonville musician Oleta Riggs played tunes inside the store. All this created a very nice holiday spirit for shoppers.

Oleta is active in Jacksonville’s music community, playing at Open Mics and at restaurants like Tijuana Flats and special events like the Christmas Festival.

Hat tip to Winn-Dixie for providing opportunities for indie Florida musicians, and for adding those special touches to the busy holiday shopping season. Hat tip to Oleta for some lovely tunes.

The Crazy Daysies meet Mr. Peanut

The Crazy Daysies with Mr. Peanut.

The Crazy Daysies loved meeting Mr. Peanut. Shown in front of the Peanutmobile: (L to R) Rebecca Day, Mr. Peanut, Jennifer Day Thompson, and baby Kayla. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Sometimes, girls just gotta’ have fun, as the song goes. So when the Crazy Daysies learned Mr. Peanut (and his ride) would be at the Winn-Dixie in Mandarin on Thursday, they headed over. Baby Kayla didn’t quite know what to think, but she ended up getting ice cream afterwards, so all was well. Kayla did say hello to him, but as for Mr. Peanut, mum’s the word. 🙂

Improve Your Songwriting in Three Steps

Cream of Crop stage Thomasville GA

Photo of stage at Cream of the Crop/Thomasville, GA. (Indie Art South)

Jen Day Thompson

Jen Day Thompson

Independent musicians earning weekly paychecks playing in bars know their fair share of cover songs. More and more, indie artists are learning about the revenue opportunities for original music through streaming services like Spotify.

Original music can take a musician’s business and brand to the next level. It’s not always easy to translate the creative musings in our minds to lyrics and melody, but here are three ways to start improving your songwriting right now. Continue reading

Psycho-thriller wraps in Jax as Sioux Falls gets attention for indie film action

Going to Kill Someone film poster

Poster image courtesy of filmmakers

Production on the film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday has officially wrapped, with editing and post-production work still ahead.

Those of us who eagerly await the premiere will get to see the film in 2018.

As North Florida filmmakers do their best to get their works to market, a distant city is gaining attention for coalescing the community around an industry that will only grow as technology makes filmmaking more accessible and indie artists gain ground.

That distant city’s climate and population are very different than Jacksonville, Florida’s.

Continue reading

Crazy Daysies and Swamp Haven have Daisy and more in common

Rosie eyed a muffin on the table while the Crazy Daysies met with Swamp Haven, but Rosie was too well mannered to grab for it.

Rosie eyed a muffin on the table while the Crazy Daysies met with Swamp Haven, but Rosie was too well mannered to grab for it.

Jen Day Thompson

Jen Day Thompson

As The Crazy Daysies set out on our next venture to help Swamp Haven, a non-profit animal rescue based in St. Augustine (FL), we couldn’t help but realize how some relationships develop by circumstance while others seem destined.

During a get-to-know each other meeting, we found coincidences  about Swamp Haven and the Daysies we couldn’t dismiss.  Continue reading

The Crazy Daysies adopt the rescuers: Swamp Haven

(Left to Right) Rebecca Day, Lindsey Kelley (Swamp Haven), Jennifer Day Thompson, and daughter Kayla. The Crazy Daysies have adopted Swamp Haven as their primary charity. (Photo: Indie Art South)

(Left to Right) Rebecca Day, Lindsey Kelley (Swamp Haven) with rescue Rosie, Jennifer Day Thompson, and daughter Kayla. The Crazy Daysies have adopted Swamp Haven as their primary charity. (Photo: Indie Art South)

Anyone who has heard my daughters perform knows how much they love animals. Both of them adopted dogs who won the doggie lottery the day they went home with Jen and Rebecca. Now the Daysies are adopting the rescuers.  Continue reading

Did Sturgill Simpson take his Facebook Live CMA protest show down?

Facebook posts on Sturgill Simpson protest CMA

As the CMA Awards show commenced, media focused attention on Sturgill Simpson’s protest broadcast via Facebook Live. (Snip/Facebook)

[This article has been updated below.]

Sturgill Simpson has been on my radar for quite some time, and I noted his protest of the Country Music Association’s Awards show last Tuesday, November 7. I didn’t get to watch the live show he did on Facebook, outside the arena where the CMA Awards were taking place.

So imagine my surprise when I tried to watch the live video today. I couldn’t find it.

Did he take it down? Continue reading

Tribute to veterans includes Nashville songwriter Rob Crosby’s prayer for peace

US government photo/Vietnam Era.

US government photo/Vietnam Era.

The Crazy Daysies chose to dedicate their weekly show on Thursday to America’s veterans. Among the songs they performed is a tune by Rob Crosby, “‘Til the Last Shot’s Fired.”

There’s a small bit of personal history for our family with Crosby, but there’s also a lot of history related to Veterans Day. Continue reading

Brain freeze? Here are five ways to get inspired

Rainbow photo; Indie Art South

Rainbow photo; Indie Art South

Jen Day Thompson

Jen Day Thompson

As an independent artist, new material is what breathes life into your business. Whether you’re a visual artist, musician or writer, keeping your audience engaged by creating content is possibly the most important rule of success.

Maybe it’s the chaos of day to day life that hampers your creativity, or maybe the pressure to make something beautiful is limiting your efforts. Writers’ block doesn’t just happen to writers, and most artists have encountered some form of it.

As an independent musician taking care of a family and home while trying to contribute to our brand and business, I sometimes find myself at a loss for words. When my mind is focused day in and day out on keeping a toddler on a schedule, keeping applesauce and markers off of walls and having dinner on the table by 7 PM, there is little space left for my thoughts to wander to creative places.

Here are five ways I get back on track and get inspired. I hope they help you find your spark!  Continue reading

To Tweet or Not? Now you can say more

Image of bird on crepe myrtle (Indie Art South)

Image of bird on crepe myrtle (Indie Art South)

Twitter, a social media platform heavy on sports, politics, and entertainment, finally caved to the often expressed request for more than 140 characters in a post.

Now that the option has expanded, questions arise.

Is it worth your time as an indie artist to use Twitter?

Will Tweeting help bring people out to your gig, or to purchase your crafts?

Continue reading